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Professional Tire Holds Grand Opening in Lincoln City

Professional Tire recently opened its new location at 1605 SE Highway 101 in Lincoln City, following a successful grand opening event on July 6 and 7. This business, owned and operated by Javier and Caitlyn Rivas, took over Gerber Tire on June 1. The couple, who also have a store in McMinnville, brings a wealth of experience in the automotive industry to their family business.

Javier Rivas has worked in the industry for 20 years, previously at Les Schwab, performing similar tasks to what he does now. Similarly, Caitlyn Rivas worked at Les Schwab for 15 years, where she has honed her skills and transferred them to their own endeavor.

The Rivas family has a strong connection to Oregon, with Caitlyn being born and raised in Bend, and Javier originally hailing from Corning, California. After living in various places around the country, they returned to their roots in Oregon, driven by the desire to establish their family business here.

Professional Tire began its journey in McMinnville as a mobile shop, started by a family friend named Jared Lamb. Initially operating out of a utility trailer, Lamb’s vision allowed the Rivas family to step in and eventually open their first shop after two years. The McMinnville location ran successfully for five years until the opportunity to expand presented itself.

The couple purchased a home in McMinnville in September of the previous year but decided to commute for an hour every day to the shop. However, when Perry Gerber, the owner of Gerber Tire, approached them, the possibility of opening a second location became a reality. Gerber, seeing the fit between the two family-owned businesses, offered his shop to the Rivas family, leading them to quickly establish their second store.

The grand opening in Lincoln City has been met with great appreciation from the local community. Caitlyn Rivas expressed her gratitude towards Perry Gerber for his customer base, which ensured a smooth transition to the new ownership. Although Gerber is no longer involved in the business, the Rivas family can still rely on his support if needed.

Professional Tire in Lincoln City currently employs six people, in addition to the Rivas family. The automotive business provides a wide range of services, including wheel maintenance, brake repairs, front-end part replacements, oil changes, and general vehicle maintenance.

To learn more about the services offered by Professional Tire, visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page at

Professional Tire is now operating at 1605 SE Highway 101 in Lincoln City following a grand opening July 6 and 7.

The business, which took over Gerber Tire June 1 and is run by husband and wife, Javier and Caitlyn Rivas. The couple has two young children and come from McMinnville where their first store resides.

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