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Restructuring Effort at Discord Results in Layoffs

Discord, the popular chat app, has recently undergone a restructuring effort that has resulted in the termination of approximately 40 employees, which accounts for about 4% of its total workforce, according to reports.

Former employees of Discord have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to share their experiences about being laid off. The outpouring of sympathy for those affected is evident from the responses. The layoffs have primarily impacted teams in marketing, design, and entertainment.

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Discord’s Commitment to Long-Term Growth

In response to inquiries, a spokesperson from the company confirmed the staff reduction to Business Insider and emphasized that Discord’s main focus is on achieving long-term growth. The spokesperson stated, “Discord can confirm that approximately 4% of our team have been let go as part of the reorganization of some business units, and we are ensuring that those impacted are being supported. We are focused on the long-term growth of the business and delivering on our mission.”

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Recent Platform Updates

In recent months, Discord has made several noteworthy updates to its platform, demonstrating its commitment to innovation. One such update is the introduction of the Family Center, an optional tool designed to provide parents and guardians with insights into their children’s activities on the app. This feature promotes transparency and enhances safety for young users.

Additionally, Discord has allowed users to directly stream Xbox gameplay to servers and DMs, a feature that has generated significant interest among the community. This integration provides users with a seamless gaming experience, enabling them to connect and interact with friends while sharing their gaming experiences on Discord.

Another notable update is the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into Discord’s Clyde bot. This addition allows users to seek suggestions during group chats, enhancing communication and collaboration within Discord communities.

Recently, investment firm Fidelity raised the valuation of some of its holdings, including Discord and Reddit, indicating positive growth. This comes after a valuation decrease in June when Fidelity marked down its Discord holdings to $1.7 million, representing a 47% drop from the original investment of $3.3 million in 2021.

New Feature: Stream Xbox Gameplay Directly to Discord

Additionally, Discord has announced an upcoming feature that will allow users to stream their Xbox gameplay directly to the platform. This highly requested addition will make it easier for Xbox players to connect and interact with friends while sharing their gaming experiences on Discord.

To utilize this feature, users will need to link their Xbox Profile to Discord by navigating to User Settings > Connections on Discord (desktop or mobile). They can then click on the Xbox logo, sign into their Microsoft account, and complete the setup process.

Once the connection is established, users can easily start streaming their gameplay by pressing the Xbox button on their controller, opening the Parties & Chats tab on their Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, selecting Discord, choosing a server, and joining a Voice channel within that community. When ready to begin streaming, users can simply select “Stream your game.”

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