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River to River Tour: Senator Joni Ernst Completes the Annual Tradition of Visiting Every County in Iowa

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) recently completed her River to River Tour, marking the ninth consecutive year she has visited every single one of Iowa’s 99 counties. This tradition is a way for Senator Ernst to connect with Iowans and bring their voices and concerns to Washington. To celebrate the completion of her tour, she enjoyed a slice of Casey’s pizza, as per tradition.


Senator Ernst recognizes the importance of representing the people of Iowa and believes that Iowans know what is best for their state. She is committed to listening to their perspectives and advocating for their interests in Washington. To achieve this, Senator Ernst holds frequent public town halls and engages with members of the local press, ensuring that she remains connected to her constituents.

One of the challenges faced by Iowans that Senator Ernst has encountered during her tour is the frustration with the Biden administration and the state of the nation. At each stop, small business owners, farmers, and families voiced their concerns about the impact of rising costs and the effects of Bidenomics on their daily lives. As a strong advocate against wasteful spending, Senator Ernst pledges to continue voicing these concerns and fighting for a more responsible and accountable Washington.

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Highlights from this year’s River to River tour include:

Small Businesses

As the Ranking Member of the Senate Small Business Committee, Senator Ernst recognizes outstanding small businesses each week as her Small Business of the Week. During the tour, she visited numerous main streets and small towns, engaging with family-owned and locally-run businesses and their employees. The common thread among these visits was the challenges faced by entrepreneurs due to inflation and the lack of affordable childcare options.

To support these job creators, Senator Ernst is actively working to reduce burdensome regulations on small businesses and increase access to Small Business Administration (SBA) loan opportunities. This will provide more childcare slots in communities and boost economic growth.


Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers

Having grown up on a farm, Senator Ernst understands the hard work and challenges faced by farmers. During her tour, she met with farmers, ranchers, and producers to learn about their biggest concerns, including high input costs, liberal California mandates, and workforce shortages. Senator Ernst is committed to protecting valuable land and delivering real results for Iowa’s agricultural community in the upcoming Farm Bill.



As a combat veteran herself, Senator Ernst is dedicated to ensuring that the promises made to our veterans are fulfilled. During her tour, she offered assistance with the Department of Veterans Affairs at every town hall meeting. Additionally, she addressed food insecurity issues among veterans and discussed housing solutions for vulnerable vets.

Earlier this year, Senator Ernst successfully led two bipartisan bills, the “Ensuring Quality Care for Our Veterans Act” and the “Improving VA Accountability to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Act,” which were signed into law.


Health Care

To ensure that Iowans receive the quality care they deserve, Senator Ernst is committed to streamlining children’s health care research and attracting more doctors to the state. During her tour, she engaged with health care administrators, disability caretakers, and sober-living advocates to gather ideas for improving health care across Iowa.


Families and Communities

Supporting Iowa’s families and communities has been a key priority for Senator Ernst during this year’s River to River Tour. She visited schools, community food pantries, cultural institutions, and held frequent town hall meetings to connect with the people she represents.


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