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Title: Unveiling the Sensitive Issue: My Experience with Miscarriage and Workplace Confidentiality

In April 2023, I faced the heart-wrenching experience of having a miscarriage during my first trimester. Initially, I had kept my pregnancy a secret, but I confided in my boss when I needed time off for medical appointments. The subsequent events unfolded with complications leading to multiple hospital visits, where I secured the necessary documentation from my doctor to justify my absence from work. Unfortunately, despite my request for confidentiality, my boss revealed the details to the entire office while expressing frustration over my absence. As my work environment struggles to normalize, the profound invasion of my personal privacy continues to cause emotional distress.

The Impact and Devastation
The loss of a pregnancy is a deeply personal and devastating experience. Beyond the emotional toll, my health complications forced me into a cycle of hospital visits for an extended period of 2-3 weeks. The documentation I obtained from my doctor, although intentionally vague to protect my privacy, provided sufficient evidence of the necessity for a leave of absence. However, my boss’s decision to divulge this information to the entire office has resulted in an invasion of my privacy, amplifying the distress caused by the circumstances.

Navigating the Return to Work
Returning to work after such a traumatic event is a challenging task on its own. However, the manner in which my employer handled my leave only exacerbated this already difficult situation. The management team’s inadequate support and understanding during my absence created unnecessary obstacles in my path. The initial weeks upon my return were marked by undue pressure and an unsympathetic environment, which made it even more arduous to regain a sense of normalcy.

The Pain of Public Disclosure
The fact that the entire office now possesses intricate details about my personal and intimate experience is profoundly painful. The disclosure of such sensitive information, against my explicitly stated wishes, has left me feeling exposed and vulnerable. The interference in my right to privacy within my workplace has significantly affected my emotional well-being and overall job satisfaction.

Seeking Legal Recourse
Given the circumstances, it is reasonable to consider the potential legal repercussions that could be pursued against my boss or employer. The breach of confidentiality, especially considering the sensitive nature of the situation, raises concerns about the violation of employee rights and privacy. It is essential to explore legal avenues to protect not only my rights but also to set a precedent for the future respect of confidentiality in the workplace.

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Considerations for the Future
While contemplating legal action, I must also bear in mind the current challenges of finding job opportunities within my desired pay bracket. Nonetheless, it is imperative to address the violation of my privacy and ensure that workplace environments respect the boundaries of personal matters. Proceeding with caution, I will weigh the potential consequences and consult legal professionals to make an informed decision about pursuing legal action while keeping the scarcity of job opportunities in mind.

Experiencing a miscarriage is an incredibly difficult and personal journey. The breach of confidentiality by my boss and the subsequent impact on my workplace environment have only added to the emotional distress. Respecting privacy and safeguarding sensitive information is crucial in any workplace setting. By utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, I can acquire the knowledge necessary to pursue legal action, ultimately fostering a change in workplace practices and preventing such violations from occurring in the future.

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  • slam51

    Medical history is PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL! It is against the law to disclose it without permission.


    I guess your company doesn’t have a HR department. Y

  • jjbeanyeg

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a violation. Unfortunately, Ontario doesn’t have great privacy legislation with respect to employment. However, it’s possible this person’s actions meets the definition of “intrusion upon seclusion.” That is a common law tort – a rule made up by the courts that you can sue for. Unfortunately, damages in cases dealing with intrusion upon seclusion are not very high. The original case that established it (called Jones: []( essentially said that damages above $20,000 would rarely, if ever, be awarded.

    If you feel strongly that you want to consider a case, you should speak to a privacy/employment lawyer. They may advise you it’s not worth it, as you will spend significant amounts to get a small damage award and, even if you win, you are typically not fully reimbursed for legal fees. You should also consider whether you could continue working (in terms of the office environment) in a workplace where there was an ongoing lawsuit.

    Take care.

  • philtheesquirrel

    I’m sorry this happened to you.
    You can get a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer through the Law Society (of Ontario) Referral Service.

  • cds462

    I needed day surgery and found out from labour board (I’m in Canada) that all I need to disclose that I’m having day surgery. My boss told me that she needed to know. I was young and didn’t want to sound rude and told her I was getting something removed. It was none of her business and regret answering.

  • HelpfulSituation

    First of, I’m really sorry for your loss, and obvious there was no need for your boss to spread that information around, especially in the context of taking time off.

    NAL but I believe you’d have to prove actual material damages have been incurred in order to have a viable case. In your case that would be difficult, and I can’t see how it ever be a good financial move due to the costs associated with pursuing legal action.

    The other, non legal comment I have is that no matter what, people find things out about each other and they talk, it’s just what people do. I doubt that anyone in the office sees you in a remotely negative light due to your situation, and if they do, it’s on them because they are clearly monsters. This all probably would’ve come out at some point soon enough, but again, I can’t see how anybody that matters thinks any less of you because lost your child.

  • crazydogsandketo

    Yea there’s repercussions. I’d speak to an employment lawyer, potential privacy repercussions as well.

  • Morguard

    Talk to an employment lawyer. You will get better advice.

  • [deleted]


  • Thebrainfactor988

    That is a massive massive breach. Fair work are who you should take it to, or HR if you have a HR department

  • [deleted]


  • Emotional-Author-886

    My husband’s boss emailed his entire medical file to all his coworkers, apparently “by accident”….
    They offered to medically retire him with full pay, probably out of fear of a lawsuit.

    I know this is a one-off case, but I would encourage you to seek the advice of an employment lawyer asap.

  • Own-Scene-7319

    I had an employer reveal a medical secret about me too. No matter what, the lack of trust is there. I believe that this is a Human Rights violation.

  • Bellbaby1234

    See a human rights lawyer. It’s discrimination based on disability status. Take them to the human rights tribunal. This offers you job protection as you go through the legal process. If you sue civilly, you open yourself up to an order for costs. Document everything and keep notes and dates. You do have a case.

  • puckbunny8675309

    Wow. Yeah, complete breach of medical information. You can file a complaint to the human rights and labour board

  • Potential_Leather927

    You’re own lawyer not the company lawyer don’t let him away with this

  • [deleted]


  • [deleted]


  • Masterchiefx343

    Lawyer up

  • [deleted]


  • roddyfan

    Sue his ass off.

  • Dear-Divide7330

    Start gathering evidence proving he disclosed it and what was said, then contact a lawyer. We have privacy laws in Canada. Disclosing your medical history is a big no no. See a therapist and let them know you’re suffering from anxiety and depression over the disclosure. Possible ptsd. Continue seeing therapist. That will come in handy down the road.



  • exray0

    Definitely a breach of confidentiality but my only caution is that I don’t believe that you have very much to gain here.

    If you lost your job, suffered serious harassment you could prove, or developed serious mental health issues due to the breach maybe… probably not all that much even then.

  • bruiser566

    Quit whining and be grateful you have a job

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