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The Search for Life on Europa: A Moon Full of Mysteries

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS — On stage, before a silent assembly of scientists, many of whom are experts on alien worlds, planetary scientist Paul Byrne assumed his position behind the podium. He had come to present research on Europa, a moon of Jupiter that almost certainly harbors a subsurface ocean. The moon is thought to be among the most promising places to explore for life in our solar system. But much of that promise clings to an unknown — the geologic activity of Europa’s seafloor.

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All Eyes on Europa: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Potentially Habitable Moon

Europa is one of three worlds in our solar system — along with Saturnian moons Enceladus and Titan — generally thought to possess the three ingredients for habitability: liquid water, energy and the chemical building blocks for life. What’s more, Europa is thought to be around 4.5 billion years old, about as old as Earth. In other words, life has had roughly the same amount of time to emerge on Europa as it has here.

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The Geologic Puzzle of Europa’s Seafloor: A Key to Habitability?

As Clipper’s maiden voyage nears, it’s unclear whether the moon’s ice-covered sea can sustain life. As Byrne and other researchers question whether the seabed is dead, enigmatic quakes detected on Earth’s moon hint that mysterious mechanisms could operate within Europa, too. And even if the icy moon is uninhabitable today, it may not have always been that way.

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A Moon of Quakes: Understanding the Seismic Activity of Europa

Deep quakes in Earth’s moon could provide insights about the possibility of Europa-quakes, Pou and his team proposed. They created computer simulations of the interior of Earth’s moon under the influence of Earth’s gravity, which revealed the rock properties needed for Earth’s gravity to trigger the observed moonquakes. The results suggested the moonquakes would require weaknesses within the moon, such as preexisting fractures, to occur. The team then computed the requisite conditions for quakes on Europa, simulating the moon’s interior under the influence of Jupiter’s gravitational field. A comparison of the results revealed that Europa-quakes were at least 10 times as likely to occur as temblors on our moon.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Europa: From Shallow Quakes to Intermittent Habitability

Even if Europa is not habitable today, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in the past. “There’s a phrase that’s catching on in the planetary community … dynamic habitability,” says Pappalardo, the planetary scientist working on the Europa Clipper mission. “The habitability of a world, it could change over time.”

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