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Title: Seeking Guidance and Opinion on Vicroads Issue: How AI Legalese Decoder Can Assist

I am seeking guidance and opinion regarding an issue I have with Vicroads, and I would appreciate your help without judgment. This situation has been causing me a great deal of pain, both mentally and physically, to the point where I have been unable to sleep.

The Incident:
Recently, I received a $1900 on the spot fine from the police for misrepresenting my own number plates. I own a Victorian Vplates custom number plate, which consists of all numerics (e.g., 911-120). Vicroads provided me with this plate on a black and white aluminum number plate. I have the receipt to prove that I directly purchased it from Vicroads for $550.

The Plate Modification:
Vicroads also sells another style of number plate known as a “heritage plate,” which is also all numeric (e.g., 123-456). These plates have a special enamel look and come in black and white colors, ranging from 1 to 285-000. At the time of my purchase, these plates were typically priced at around $15,000. However, their prices have since increased if acquired through an auction.

With the assistance of a friend’s contact, I had my plate remade in enamel to replicate the style of a heritage plate. The enamel plates still clearly display my number, without any deceptive copying of another person’s plate. My friend can verify that the plate was made in the same factory where Vicroads manufactures their heritage plates. Therefore, I did not anticipate any issues, as both plates are made of the same enamel material. I made a good faith payment of approximately $1500, believing that I could use it on my car, just like numerous other individuals who have done the same.

The Fine and Plate Removal:
A week ago, I returned to my parked car only to find three officers surrounding it, taking photos. At first, I thought my car had been involved in an accident. However, they informed me that they were part of a task force and had the authority to remove my plates. I tried explaining to them that my plate was easily readable and registered under my name, but they insisted on issuing the fine and confiscating the plates. I even mentioned that my plate was made in the same factory as the original heritage plates from Vicroads, but the officers seemed dismissive and somewhat mocking. Their behavior made me feel like I was being treated as a criminal, despite not having engaged in any unsafe or speeding activities. However, they stated that the rules were final, even when the car was stopped.

After inquiring about keeping my plate number, they mentioned that Vicroads would have the final say, and I might receive a letter requesting me to surrender the authentic plates. This news saddened me, and I hesitated to visit Vicroads since I feared they would cancel my plate. I have considered writing a letter to them as an alternative.

The Solution: AI Legalese Decoder
Amidst this predicament, I discovered an AI-powered tool called AI Legalese Decoder that could potentially aid me in navigating this situation. By using this tool, I could gather more information on the legality of my modified plate and structure my appeal accordingly. The AI Legalese Decoder would help me understand the nuances of the relevant laws and assist in crafting a persuasive argument to challenge the fine while highlighting that my plate is genuine and not an illegal representation.

Possible Courses of Action:
1. Review Vplates Website and Receipt: While I did check the Vplates website and the receipt I received, I couldn’t find any explicit limitations on using a different plate. This lack of information could possibly be used as a basis for my appeal.

2. Discrepancy in Information: There seems to be a disparity between the Vplates website, where one buys the plates, and the Vicroads website regarding unauthorized number plates. This inconsistency might serve as grounds for my appeal, as the relevant information should ideally be available on the same platform where the plates were purchased.

3. Establishing Plate Authenticity: If I can provide irrefutable evidence that my plate was manufactured in the same Vicroads factory, the legality of the fine could be called into question. After all, the materials used are identical to those employed in making the official heritage plates.

Given the complexity of this situation, I would greatly appreciate your guidance and advice on the best course of action. Additionally, if any legal experts are present, I would be grateful for their assistance in navigating this issue. With the support of the AI Legalese Decoder, I am hopeful that I can present a compelling case to challenge the fine and retain my plate numbers. Thank you for considering my plight.

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  • Ok-Motor18523

    1. Doesn’t matter
    2. Well no. It’s on the VicRoads site. The vplates site doesn’t have to make you aware of the law, and they assume you’re going to use the official, authorised, issued plates.
    3. You’ll probably keep the numbers, but you’re stuck with a fine.
    4. Yeah mate. You’re dreaming. You were using illegally issued plates. Doesn’t matter if they came from the same factory, they were not issued to you.


    Your **friend** is likely skimming on the side, and probably won’t have a job for much longer.

  • PersonXYT

    I know what heritage plates are as I used to work in a car dealership and have to fit these things.
    Vic roads don’t sell all-number plates anymore because there’s too many fake heritage plates. They have also stopped heritage plate sales altogether. There’s so much talk about this online that I’m surprised you didn’t know that display plates can’t be used on your car.

    The fact that people spend hundreds of thousands on these things is a crime itself. But each to their own.

    The Vic roads factory is not owned by them so you can’t use that excuse. People on the Instagram sites are sourcing them from Glassmetal Industries in Moolap (near Geelong) as display number plates. There’s guys in the dealerships that have a way in to get those plates without that factory selling direct to the public too. I think this problem has more to do with them than you.

    You just paid $550 from Vic roads. Another $1500 for a fake plate. Now $1900 fine for being negligent. You could have put that $4k into a real plate in the long run. Just cop this one and let it go.

  • DiamondExternal2922

    The fine is correct

    Its a fraudulent plate.. its a plate a reasonable person would think was official , but actually isn’t.

    For example, if you put a picture of a usa plate in your window, its not going to be considered fradulent.

    The way to show they are not fraudulent is to show you paid vicroads for heritage plates

  • Particular-Try5584

    One thing you are really missing here in your own personal focus on the fine…

    ”three officers surrounding my car”, and “Said they are on a task force”

    Looks like your mate who is illegally making number plates and skimming cash on the side is rumbled… and the cops have decided to run down and nail a whole bunch of his customers. You are one of many by the sounds of it, and openly have admitted here (if not to the cops, which it sounds like you did when you were talking to them) that you knowingly paid for false vanity plates for your car.

    If you try to appeal this it’s highly likely the Police have everything they need to make it stick, the fine might be the lower end of what they can throw at you, and the fine is probably less than what it will cost you to have a lawyer represent you in this matter.

  • LowestKillCount

    Unauthorised number plates
    Displaying number plates that haven’t been issued by VicRoads on a vehicle is an offence under the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations (except for ‘home-made’ plates on exempt trailers). This includes the illegal re-manufacturing of existing number plates issued by VicRoads in a different format, style or material.

  • Kind-Contact3484

    Ok, pretty stupid of you but I guess you’ve heard enough about that now. If you do have a clean record, I’d suggest writing to whoever issues the fines in Victoria. Explain that you have a clean record and would like have the charge expunged if possible. State the you were genuinely unaware of the law and would not have tried to circumvent the rules had you been aware of them and that you now understand why the law is in place. Don’t try to blame anyone else or give excuses beyond your own ignorance. In nsw at least there is a possibility of having offences cleared I’d you have a good record but I don’t know if this particular offence is possible but it can’t hurt to try.

  • SirPiffingsthwaite

    The fine is lawful and will stand, despite any pleadings. You’e had your plate remanufactured to represent a style and sequence they don’t belong to. I would pay the fine and hope that’s all that comes of it.

    The plates that were remanufactured are legally considered fraudulent, as they are remanufactured and *not issued* by VIC roads. Only ever use plates issued to you by the correct department, as those plates are tied to your vehicle in the vehicle registry.

    For what it’s worth, you have a valid civil claim for initial cost and fines for whoever sold you those plates, they may argue they sold them as a novelty item and not for use but it depends on whether you have any evidence to show they deliberately misled you. Makes no difference vs the state though, as you are expected to know the relevant laws.

  • Different--11

    What kind of car do you have? Has this contributed to being targeted?

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  • nopotatopls

    $1900 is pretty huge. Are you certain this is your first traffic offence? I have checked the VicRoads website which state:

    Fines are set and revised by legislation and are described as penalty units within the legislation. For example, offence code 8336, fail to stop at a children’s crossing has an infringement penalty of 2.5 penalty units.

    The value of a penalty unit is currently $192.31 in Victoria.

    AustLii reference appears they made an amendment to REG (Regulation) 241 in 2020 which states “incorrect number plates” is 10 penalty units. $192.31 x 10 = $1923.10 fine


    Incorrect number plates

    (1) A person must not use a vehicle on a highway while displaying a number plate other than the number plate issued for the vehicle in accordance with these Regulations or another law.

    Penalty: 10 penalty units.

    (2) The registered operator of a vehicle must take reasonable steps to ensure that the vehicle is not used on a highway while displaying a number plate other than the number plate issued for the vehicle in accordance with these Regulations or another law.

    Penalty: 10 penalty units.

    (3) The owner of an unregistered vehicle must take reasonable steps to ensure that the vehicle is not used on a highway while displaying a number plate other than the number plate issued for the vehicle in accordance with these Regulations or any other law.

    Penalty: 10 penalty units.

    (4) A person other than a person referred to in subregulation (1), (2) or (3), who has control or use of a vehicle must not cause or permit the vehicle to be used on a highway while displaying a number plate other than the number plate issued for the vehicle in accordance with these Regulations or another law.

    Penalty: 10 penalty units.

    (5) A person who has affixed, or who has caused or permitted another person to affix, to the vehicle a number plate other than the number plate issued for the vehicle in accordance with these Regulations or another law is guilty of an offence if the vehicle is used on a highway by any person.

    Penalty: 10 penalty units.

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