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## Seeking Advice on Savings for Both Myself and My Baby

Greetings! I am in need of guidance on the most effective way to utilize my savings, considering both my own financial needs and those of my young child.

### Current Savings Overview

To provide some context, my current savings amount to approximately 27k. Of this total, 3k is held in a Stocks & Shares ISA, while another 1k is allocated to a Junior Stocks & Shares ISA for my child. The remaining funds are situated in a Monzo instant access savings pot, which offers a competitive interest rate of 4.6% and pays out monthly. Additionally, I maintain a 5k emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

### Seeking Advice on Utilizing Remaining Savings

Given the aforementioned distribution of funds, I am now contemplating the most optimal strategy for utilizing the remainder of my savings. Should I consider relocating these funds to a different account, such as a Cash ISA? Despite the marginal difference in interest rates compared to my current instant access saver, would it be worthwhile to make such a move?

### Saving Options for my Child

Moreover, I am interested in exploring options for saving specifically for my child. Are there any particular accounts or investment opportunities that are better suited for this purpose?

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Any insights or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

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