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## New Resident in Japan Facing Tax Dilemma

Hello, I recently made the move to Japan and my stay duration is uncertain, ranging from 1 to possibly 3 years. This transition follows my previous activity of investing in cryptocurrencies in Portugal, where the tax regulations were favorable. Unfortunately, personal circumstances prompted my relocation, and now I am confronted with Japan’s imposing crypto taxation, which can reach a staggering 55%. The potential impact on my capital gains has left me feeling apprehensive.

Regarding tax residency, I have already updated my address at the municipal office. Will this have implications for my tax status? Furthermore, I am hesitant about the possibility of facing double taxation on my investment returns. Despite not intending to establish a local bank account or seek employment in the near future, I intend to continue using my Portuguese bank account.

In light of these uncertainties, I seek guidance on the associated risks and compliance procedures. I aim to navigate this situation with adherence to legal guidelines and avoid any complications. The lack of clarity in my current circumstances has left me feeling perplexed and in need of assistance to ensure I am acting in accordance with the law.

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  • the-T-in-KUNT

    Man, we’re gonna be getting a lot more of these types of questions as the nomad visa takes effect. 

    Japan is NOT the country to come to if you don’t wanna pay taxes

    I wish we could sticky this. 

  • furansowa

    I don’t know how you stay tax resident of Portugal while living in Japan, that’s your problem. But yeah, it’s usually recommended to trigger any unrealized capital gains on crypto before coming to Japan by doing a wash trade.

  • DanDin87

    Yes, and not just when you cash out, even when you do transactions between coins or trade nfts if the value has changed. It’s one (if not the) most strict country when it comes to crypto taxes.

  • crowkeep

    55%? No…

    Are you making over 40,000,000¥ a year trading crypto? Perhaps you are…

    In that case it would only be 45%.

    Crypto falls under *Miscellaneous Income*, which is taxed **aggregately** and progressively:

    [Overview of individual taxes](

    [Types of Income & Taxation Methods](

    Sign up for and use a service like *Cryptact,* which is great, and makes it extremely easy to keep track of your trades and portfolio:


    I’ll say, perhaps controversially, that Japan is probably one of the best places in the world to hold and trade crypto at present.

    The laws have been amended and have grown ever more robust over the past few years, and local exchanges are regulated and safe. All because the government isn’t hostile towards the crypto ecosystem.

    Yes, of course there’s always room for improvement.

  • alexeinzReal

    I think you got some time before becoming financial resident , 5 years if I am not wrong .. if crypto income is what you plan to do as life business,Japan is not best place for it

  • buckwurst

    What visa are you here with?

  • CapnHalibutt

    What a week, we’ve had “I don’t want to pay taxes” and “I don’t want to pay pension” already, just need “I don’t want to pay for health insurance” to complete the trifecta.

    Or maybe “I don’t like immigration laws so they don’t apply to me” to spice things up?

  • Few-Locksmith6758

    You can earn 200k JPY a year without need to pay tax.

  • BackPage

    What kind of visa lets you live here just off crypto??