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## Understanding ABS Labour Force Numbers

The first thing to bear in mind with the **ABS Labour Force** numbers is that they are **based on a survey and there is considerable statistical margin for error**. It is a huge survey, but the margin for error is still substantial.

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These are **not** numbers based on Centrelink claims or the like. However, the complexities of the survey methodology can make it challenging to grasp the full scope of the data.

Nonetheless, you may wonder how there were nearly 21,000 more people unemployed, given that there were only 6,600 ‘jobs lost’ from the economy last month.

The reason is that the population keeps growing, and this growth factor must be taken into account when analyzing the data accurately.

In March, CBA’s economists estimated that **Australia needs to create about 35,000 jobs per month just to keep the unemployment rate steady**, based on current levels of working-age population growth.

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So why didn’t we see the number of unemployed rise by more than 40,000, you might ask if you’re mathematically inclined. That’s because **the participation rate** — the proportion of the population aged over 15 years in work or actively looking for it — **dropped very slightly from 66.7 to 66.6%**.

Those people are not counted as unemployed because they’re not actively looking for and/or available to start a job. Understanding the nuances of labor force participation is crucial in interpreting the unemployment data accurately.

With those people dropping out, **the number of Australians in the “labour force” only rose 14,000 last month**. Add that to the 6,600 jobs lost and you get the 20,600-strong rise in unemployment.

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