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## VHA Employee Announcement

As a VHA employee, I wanted to bring to your attention an important initiative that has recently been implemented within our organization. We have just received notice of a new outreach program aimed at increasing engagement and utilization of care by unique veterans within our community.

## Utilizing VEText for Veteran Outreach

The VABHS will be utilizing VEText to connect with veterans who have not received care in the past three years and who reside in close proximity to our main campuses and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs). Through this program, veterans will receive a text message prompting them to contact our facility phone number at 800-865-3384 to schedule an appointment.

## Importance of Frontline Team Awareness

It is crucial for frontline teams to be informed and aware of this outreach effort in order to effectively support its implementation. However, it is worth noting that the memo regarding this initiative was circulated after the plan was already set in motion.

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### Conclusion

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  • Bravisimo

    Theres going to be sooo many panic posts about these texts, “the VA is trying to contact me, are they going to decrease my rating?!”

  • Key_Reserve_2891

    We have been directed to handle as follows:

    If you are interested in an appointment and do not have a PCP we can start the process in getting you established.

    If you still have a pcp we can ask if you’d like an appointment with your pcp as it has been a while.

    If you are ***NOT INTERESTED*** in an appointment you don’t need to call us but if you do, we would explain the above, offer an appointment and you are of course free to decline!

  • Jaklcide

    VA once again making every communique look like a phishing attempt….

  • HuckleberryPatient36

    For those wondering, AT&T also had a data breach and your info surrounding veterans discounts etc could also be floating around the web increasing the amount of spam calls and txts.

  • trousertrout23


    Not today VA🤨

  • Due_Move4802

    Am i missing something?? Why do people freak out?? If you are rated for things actually affecting you why would you be worried? I am rated yet I still go to my PCP, PT, and psych at the VA. They actually provide great care and provide me a lot of options my normal insurance would have me pay a hefty price for..🤔

  • Unlikely_Music397

    Please excuse my ignorance, I went through the thread and still can’t figure out if it’s real or a Scam. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Jasdc

    VHA – healthcare and VBA- compensation and benefits are 2 separate agencies!

    VHA is trying to contact vet that haven’t been seen at the VHA in over 3 years.

  • EyeBusy

    If I get this message it means they’re trying to decrease my rating…right?

  • RabidStealthyWombat

    I never call the number in a text. I look for contact info on the entities website. So far EVERY time I’ve received a text from “my bank” the number that I was directed to call has never been my bank.

    I didn’t expect that to change just because the text claims to be from the VA. And yes, I realize that in this case it is, but trust no one..Always verify.