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## King Charles III Attends Easter Service in Windsor

King Charles III has made his most significant outing since his cancer diagnosis last month, attending the traditional Easter Mattins church service in Windsor on Sunday. The King, 75, appeared to be in good spirits as he arrived at St. GeorgeÔÇÖs Chapel with his wife, Queen Camilla. This event, a staple in the royal calendar, typically sees the extended royal family gather at Windsor Castle before heading to church together. Their arrivals are usually watched by staff living at Windsor, either from a nearby grassy bank or from their doorsteps.

The royal couple waved to a small crowd of well-wishers gathered nearby before making their way into the chapel through the Galilee Porch. This yearÔÇÖs celebration is a quieter affair with fewer royals in attendance to minimize the KingÔÇÖs contact with others during his treatment. It is expected that the King and Queen will sit apart from the rest of the main congregation, similar to how the late Queen Elizabeth II sat separately from loved ones at Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021.

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## Royal Family Gather for Easter Service

The KingÔÇÖs siblings were the first family members to arrive at the service. Prince Edward and Sophie ÔÇô the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh ÔÇô were accompanied by their son, James, Earl of Wessex. They were followed by the KingÔÇÖs sister, Princess Anne, and her husband, Tim Laurence, as well as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

It was unclear if Charles would attend the usual post-service family lunch. In the days ahead, he and Camilla will reportedly take a break for Easter. The King’s presence at the service is an encouraging sight for many royal-watchers following his temporary pause in public-facing engagements on the advice of his doctors.

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## Updates on Princess of Wales’ Health and Easter Plans

A notable absence from SundayÔÇÖs Easter festivities were the Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children. The Waleses attended last yearÔÇÖs service, with Prince Louis making his debut at the family outing. The family of five have been laying low since Catherine disclosed over a week ago that she had started chemotherapy for cancer found in post-operation tests after a planned abdominal surgery in January.

The Waleses are spending the Easter holidays together as they continue to adjust to KateÔÇÖs diagnosis. A Kensington Palace spokesperson mentioned that the prince and princess were grateful for the publicÔÇÖs warmth and support and requested privacy during this time. KateÔÇÖs return to official duties, initially planned for Easter, has been postponed until she is cleared by her medical team.

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