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Challenges Faced by Hotel Owner

During the winter season, hotel owner Kelli Doyen eagerly awaited the sight of her hotel’s snowmobile covered in snow. The Gwinn Model Towne Inn, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has a unique advantage with a snowmobile trail right off the property. This advantage typically draws around 800 snowmobilers to the hotel each winter. However, this season, instead of the expected snow, Doyen often saw a muddy path.

As a result of the warmest winter on record for the lower 48 states, the hotel has experienced a significant decline in sales. The impact of the weather changes on festivals, events, and tourism in the Great Lakes region has been substantial, affecting the incomes of those who rely on winter tourism.

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Financial Implications and Adaptation Strategies

The loss of income for Doyen amounts to approximately $70,000. With the drop in bookings, she has faced challenges in covering operating expenses, leading her husband to utilize his 401(k) to keep the hotel afloat. Making it through to the summer tourism season has become a daunting task.

Business owners in the Midwest, such as Doyen, heavily rely on winter sales to sustain their operations until the summer season arrives. The ability to adapt business plans and find new revenue streams has become essential in the face of changing weather patterns and their impact on tourism.

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Collaborations and Promotions

Despite the challenges faced, Doyen remains committed to serving her guests and community, offering discounts to attract more visitors during the spring months. Building partnerships with other businesses, offering special events, and exploring innovative promotional strategies can help offset the losses incurred during the winter season.

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