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**Challenges Faced by Two Sisters in Starting Their Sustainable Jewelry Business**

Two sisters from Rockville had embarked on a journey to start their sustainable jewelry business without fully realizing the challenges that lay ahead. Despite lacking formal education in jewelry making or business management, Maria and Sofia Tapias were determined to turn their passion for fashion and sustainability into a successful venture.

Having recently graduated during the pandemic, the sisters found themselves venturing into unfamiliar territories. Maria’s expertise in product design combined with Sofia’s business acumen paved the way for the creation of Dov Jewelry. Their collection of elegant earrings, rings, and necklaces made from recycled metals reflected their commitment to sustainability.

With their business gaining traction, the Tapias sisters were faced with the decision of expanding to their own in-person store. This is where the Maryland WomenÔÇÖs Business Center (MWBC) stepped in, offering them a yearlong incubator program tailored for small women-owned businesses. Through this program, they were able to gain valuable experience running a shop while minimizing overhead costs.

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**Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Through Mentorship and Collaboration**

The MWBC incubator program not only provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their products but also offered essential mentoring and training. By immersing themselves in a supportive community of like-minded individuals, the Tapias sisters gained valuable insights into business expansion and financial planning.

The program’s emphasis on empowering women from underserved communities highlighted the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity in the entrepreneurial landscape. By connecting with fellow women-owned businesses and sharing experiences, the sisters were able to build a strong network of support and collaboration.

As the Tapias sisters continue to grow their business, they envision creating a collective shop with their cohort and other local business owners. This collective space would not only showcase diverse products but also serve as a hub for community engagement and empowerment.

In conclusion, the journey of the Tapias sisters exemplifies the resilience and determination of women entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges and building successful businesses. Through mentorship, collaboration, and community support, they are paving the way for a more inclusive and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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