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[Heading 1] Seeking Assistance Regarding Rent Overcharging Dilemma and Legal Standing

[Heading 2] Introduction and Request for Help

Hello everyone, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your invaluable support. It’s unfortunate that the comments section is disabled, but I truly appreciate the assistance provided thus far.

[Heading 2] Discovery of Rent Overcharging and the Need for Legal Clarity

Yesterday, I made an unsettling discovery that my roommate, M, has been consistently overcharging me for rent ever since I moved into our shared accommodation. Tonight, I plan to confront M about this issue; however, I find myself uncertain about my legal position in this matter.

[Heading 2] Fruitless Attempts to Seek Legal Guidance

In my earnest pursuit of clarity, I tried reaching out to both fair work and the tenants union for advice but regrettably, neither organization was available to assist me. This is further compounded by the fact that I am a foreigner and not well-versed in the intricacies of the local laws.

[Heading 2] Background Information on My Accommodation Search

Back in March, I sought out a place to live through the platform Unfortunately, the available options within my budget were rather limited, and I had encountered numerous questionable offers before finding my current place. Driven by desperation, I settled for this accommodation despite it exceeding my initial budgetary expectations.

[Heading 2] Lack of Documentation and Unequal Room Conditions

M was responsible for handling the rent, promising to organize the necessary paperwork with the landlord once I had paid the bond. I then expected him to send me the lease agreement. However, he failed to fulfill this commitment. Despite my reminders a few months ago, M claimed that he hadn’t received any updates from the landlord but assured me he would inquire once again. Nonetheless, I never received any response thereafter.

Moreover, I have come to realize that my room is significantly smaller and less desirable compared to the room occupied by our second roommate, F. Even more concerning is the disparity in rent payments, with me paying nearly $100 more per fortnight than F, who occupies a larger room, and a staggering $62 more than the occupant of the spacious balcony room.

[Heading 2] Emotional Turmoil and Dealing with Multiple Challenges

The notion of being taken advantage of by my roommate has triggered a maelstrom of emotions within me. I feel a combination of anger, sadness, and betrayal. My experience in Australia thus far has been arduous, peppered with countless obstacles. Unfortunately, this rent issue adds to the already burdensome circumstances I have faced.

[Heading 3] The Role of AI Legalese Decoder in this Situation

In this trying time, I am hopeful that the AI Legalese Decoder can provide much-needed assistance. With its advanced capabilities, this technology can swiftly decode complex legal jargon, enabling me to better understand my legal rights and position in this challenging situation. Armed with this knowledge, I can confront my roommate with confidence and clarity.

[Heading 2] A Plea for Reddit’s Help

Dear Reddit community, I humbly request your guidance and support in navigating this distressing ordeal. If anyone can shed light on the process of moving out and provide advice on important considerations, I would be immensely grateful. While I intend to conduct my own research when I am off work, any additional insights from your personal experiences or expertise would prove invaluable.

[Heading 2] Update and Additional Context

[Heading 3] Lease-Related Inquiries Answered, Focus Shifts to Moving Out

An update regarding my quest for information on the lease: thankfully, I have received answers to my questions and concerns regarding the leasing arrangement. However, I now seek guidance on the process of moving out and any specific details I should remain cognizant of during this transition. I will undertake further investigation independently, but any supplementary input shared by the Reddit community would be deeply appreciated.

[Heading 3] Roommate’s Correspondence Raises Concerns about the Landlord and Real Estate

Adding to my mounting concerns, M previously wrote, “…anyway how are you going with the bond? We need it first before I send you over documents that our real estate requested to be filled out by today.” Alas, I never received any such documents, and M continually postponed or avoided discussing the matter. Consequently, I find myself clueless about the identity of the landlord or the real estate agent involved in our tenancy.

Once again, I extend my gratitude to the wonderful people of Reddit for your ever-generous support and guidance.

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AI Legalese Decoder: Simplifying Legal Jargon for Better Understanding

Heading 1: Introduction

Heading 2: The Complexity of Legal Language and the Need for Decoding

Heading 3: AI Legalese Decoder: A Solution for Simplifying Legal Jargon

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  • AdFit3293

    What is the question you’re asking? What do you need help with?

    Sounds like they subletting you the room. There are no laws or rules on how much they can charge compared to other people in the same place. You need to decided if you’re happy with paying the rent for what you’re getting and if you are then deal with it or if you aren’t happy move out into a place where you are happy for the value for money.

    Best of luck.

  • k1k11983

    Did you receive a bond receipt? If not, do you have a record of you paying the bond? If yes, send your landlord(your housemate since he’s sublet to you) the link below and tell them that you want it all returned or you will dispute any deductions and they can explain to NCAT why they never lodged the bond. The fine for not lodging it is $2200

  • NastyLaw

    Why in the Jesus land are you calling fair work?

    You are not on the lease hence you have an agreement with them and not with the land lord, they told you how much you should pay and then you agreed to it, what’s the problem here? You don’t like it, then break the lease.

  • Ok-Motor18523

    You agreed to it.

    What they pay and the split, while it may be unfair in your opinion is up to them and you have no basis for any action here other than to move out.

  • Proof_Contribution

    There is nothing that can be done as you are subletting and not on the lease. Its what has bee agreed to.

  • ShatterStorm76

    Let’s say I have a 3brm house with 1 big mater bedroom and 2 identically sized “spare” rooms I pay $500 a week for.

    If i offer two people the spare rooms, and charge one $300 and the other $200, then thats the agreement (if they agree).

    Is it fair that theyre effectively covering all the rent between them ? No

    Is it fair the rooms are the same size yet one pays $100 more ? No

    Is there anything the two unfairly treated roommates can do about it? They can try to renegotiate, or move out.

    But keep in mind, if my lease is the same as most Australian leases, there would be a lease term prohibiting me from subletting without permission, so a note to the agent would (in practice) get the two subtennants kicked out.

    Additionally, whilst theres no legal requirement that a landlord MUST request a rental Bond, if they do, then their are laws about how that Bond is to be administered, which usually involves passing it onto a third party (government agency) to hold in trust.
    So if you “paid” Bond but theres no evidence it was administered properly, the person who you paid could be up for stiff penalties.

  • Monday0987

    Hi there, you aren’t on the lease. For you to be on the lease you would have signed paperwork. The flat is probably leased as a whole flat and whoever is on the lease has sublet your room to you. The only thing that they have done wrong is lie to you about the possibility of you going on the lease. It sounds like you have no legal agreement, you just have a verbal agreement with whoever you paid your money to.

    If you were to lease a room directly from a landlord you would sign an agreement prior to paying and bond or rent.

    There probably are people in your home country who would take advantage of other people’s naivety, I think they exist in every culture.

  • ActualAd8091

    Hi OP – if you don’t have a receipt for your bond or confirmation it was submitted to NSW fair trading you have probably lost that money as you a relying on the good character of your housemate to return it to you. While there are technically avenues to pursue the return of your bond, the process would likely cost you more than the bond amounts to. is a great resource/ place to start when it comes to understanding how renting works in NSW

    Unfortunately rentals are a scarce commodity at the moment so people who are sub-letting can really charge what someone is willing to pay. There is nothing that says it has to be an even split, even if that seems unfair

  • ellhard

    Do you have written proof of bond you paid? Ie reciept, text messages, bank statement proving you pulled it out, transfer?

    I suggest you read through [this]( page and see if any of it applys to your circumstances. They may be in breach of their tenancy agreement with the landlord and there could be steps you can take if they refuse to give your entire bond back.

  • Evil-Santa

    You will always find people that will take advantage of others in every country,

  • rx680

    You’ve agreed to a rate that you were happy to pay. Now you have found out external information and are unhappy?

    Why did you agree to it in the first place? Your situation and external people situation has no effect on you.

    You were not forced to move in, there wasn’t a gun pointed to your head.

    In short, you’re now unhappy so move on.

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