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Challenges Faced by La Jolla Small Business Owners

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) ÔÇö A small group of business owners in La Jolla who utilize the beach in their operations says their events are being unfairly discriminated against by the City of San Diego. They argue that the new street vending ordinance passed by city officials eliminates all professional services across all San Diego beaches, discriminating against community members and visitors.

BluLite Bonfires: Providing Essential Beach Services

BluLite Bonfires, a picnic service, assists customers by providing everything for a great day at the beach. They cater to people with disabilities and those who need help setting up beach events, such as veterans.

Owner Rene Contreras emphasizes the importance of allowing professional services on the beach for everyone to enjoy a simple fun day at the beach.

Purpose First Beach Cleanup: Building Community Values

Gregor Coffaro, owner of Purpose First Beach Cleanup, organizes monthly public beach clean-ups with fun events to bring people together and help save the ocean. He seeks city support to continue their valuable community work.

City Regulations and Business Operations

The group’s request to continue conducting business on the beach aligns with the city municipal code, which currently prohibits commercial activities on all city beaches. The Parks and Recreation Department has created a permitting process for commercial activity in specific locations, aiming to provide guidelines for businesses to operate legally.

Amy Reichert, founder of RESTORE San Diego, supports the businesses in their pursuit of fair permitting processes and regulation to continue their operations.

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