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## Celebrating WomenÔÇÖs Achievements in WomenÔÇÖs History Month

WomenÔÇÖs History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. ItÔÇÖs also a time to recognize the accomplishments of local businesswomen, such as Iam Christian Tucker. As the President and CEO of Integrated Logistical Support Incorporated, Tucker is passionate not only about her business but also about empowering minority business opportunities.

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## Inspiration from Family and Legacy

Tucker, a former police officer, found inspiration close to home in her late father, Bob Tucker. His legacy as the founder of the company ignited TuckerÔÇÖs passion for equity and empowerment. Following in her fatherÔÇÖs footsteps, Tucker continues to make strides in business and politics, embodying his commitment to the fight for equity.

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## Recognizing Excellence

TuckerÔÇÖs dedication and hard work recently earned her the prestigious title of Small Business Owner of the Year from the Small Business Administration. This recognition is a testament to TuckerÔÇÖs commitment to her business and her community. Proud to represent New Orleans and her state, Tucker values the opportunity to showcase businesses like hers and highlight their contributions to the local economy.

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