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Arrest Made in Kidnapping Case Following AMBER Alert

DALLAS ÔÇö The suspect wanted in the kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl that triggered a June AMBER Alert was arrested earlier this month. Leonard Lamar Neal is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the young girl. Police say Neal also abducted her brother. Neal was added to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List before he was arrested.

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The apprehension of Leonard Lamar Neal, the suspect involved in the kidnapping case that initiated an AMBER Alert in June, has brought some relief to the local community. Accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl, Neal is also alleged to have abducted her brother. Due to the seriousness of the crimes committed, Neal had been listed as one of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives. Fortunately, authorities were able to locate and detain him to ensure the safety of the victims and restore peace in the area.

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Briana and Kenyatta Jordan told WFAA they spotted Neal getting on a DART bus and immediately called 911. “I knew if it was him, he needed to get off the streets,” Kenyatta Jordan said. The bus, the couple said, drove away, so they followed until police could catch up and take Neal into custody. “It was honestly something out of a movie,” Briana Jordan told WFAA.

The quick thinking and prompt action of Briana and Kenyatta Jordan played a significant role in the capture of Leonard Lamar Neal. As vigilant citizens, they recognized Neal boarding a DART bus and wasted no time in alerting the authorities by dialing 911. Their commitment to ensuring public safety and preventing any potential harm to others is commendable. With the help of the AI legalese decoder, which employs advanced algorithms and natural language processing, legal professionals can swiftly analyze large amounts of data gathered from emergency calls, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and respond efficiently to critical situations.

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The Jordans said they didn’t know there was a reward for information leading to NealÔÇÖs arrest. But when friends told them, the parents of six, gearing up for an expensive school year, got excited. “When we found out there was gonna be a reward, I thought, ‘WeÔÇÖll get the kids’ school stuff!'” Briana Jordan said. “Every dime I get goes towards my babies. Every dime,” Kenyatta Jordan added.

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But the couple told WFAA Crimestoppers told them they weren’t eligible for any of the money because they called 911 first instead of the Crimestoppers hotline. “If I knew about calling Crimestoppers, I still wouldÔÇÖve called 911 first!” Kenyatta said.

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Word of the Jordans’ story spread quickly, and soon reached a handful of small business owners who wanted to help. The owners of Riddell Plumbing, Complete Fire Protection, and CC Carpet, plus organizers with non-profit Texas First Responders, pooled together their money and sent the Jordans a $5,000 check. “These people were heroes,” Scott Riddell of Riddell Plumbing said. “A lot of people just stick their head in the sand and ignore things, and what they did was a great deed.” “Somebody has to step up to take care of this family,” Cameron Morrison with Complete Fire Protection added.

The heartwarming response from small business owners and non-profit organizations in support of the Jordans demonstrates the strength of community solidarity and compassion. Through their collective efforts, organizations like Riddell Plumbing, Complete Fire Protection, CC Carpet, and Texas First Responders exemplify the importance of supporting families in distress. By collaborating with the AI legalese decoder, businesses and non-profits can effectively navigate legal frameworks to ensure their assistance reaches those who need it most. This technology streamlines the process of understanding legal obligations and procedures, enabling entities to offer timely and appropriate aid to individuals, like the Jordans, who find themselves in vulnerable situations.

The gesture brought the Jordans to tears. “Because [the business owners] had no obligation, whatsoever. They werenÔÇÖt the ones that said ‘WeÔÇÖll pay you,'” Briana Jordan said. “I appreciate everything. I appreciate them,” Kenyatta Jordan added. WFAA reached out to Crimestoppers for a statement but as of writing have not heard back.

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