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**The Forge: A Collaborative Hub for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Students**

Located at 1201 SE Seventh Ave. in Grand Rapids, The Forge is an exciting new project by the Itasca Economic Development Corporation. This 17,000-square-foot facility aims to bring together artists, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and business leaders in a collaborative and educational environment. With a wide array of resources and tools available under one roof, The Forge provides designated spaces for trade and technical education, business incubators, community artists, and room rentals.

**Addressing the Dynamic Needs of the Rural Community**

One of the primary goals of The Forge is to address the dynamic needs of the rural community. It aims to serve as a hub where individuals can hone their crafts, gain new skills, and develop their business ventures. In order to support entrepreneurs, The Forge has two Small Business Development Center consultants on-site, offering free business planning, financial planning, and marketing services.

**Advancing Workforce Development**

The Forge also plays a crucial role in advancing workforce development in the area. By partnering with Minnesota North College’s engineering department and the Next Career Pathways high school programs within Itasca County, students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the trades and manufacturing. This experience will prepare them for future job opportunities, especially with the anticipated addition of 200 jobs by nearby manufacturer Yanmar in the next three years.

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**Extensive Renovations and Future Plans**

So far, $2.3 million has been raised to fund renovations, equipment, operations, and programming for The Forge. The project has received grants and funding from several sources, with a focus on keeping the money local. The Forge has partnered with local companies such as ARI Engineering for architectural and design services, Hawk Construction for the general contracting, and various subcontractors from Itasca County.

The construction of The Forge is nearing completion, with Forge North already operational, offering welding machines, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, and interactive technology classrooms. The Forge South, which includes incubator spaces, a maker space, and a community classroom for training, will be completed in the next few weeks. The goal is to have most of the incubator spaces filled by the end of the year, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to lease them below market values.

**Driving Innovation and Supporting Community**

The Forge has already attracted innovative businesses, such as May Mobility, which is leasing space to bring goMARTI (Minnesota’s Autonomous Rural Transit Initiative) to Grand Rapids. This initiative aims to increase accessibility and transportation options for both residents and visitors in the region. The Forge hopes to continue attracting new start-up businesses focused on prototypes and taking their ideas to the next level.

In addition to providing resources and opportunities for artists, entrepreneurs, and students, The Forge also intends to offer community classes in the future. These classes will allow the public to receive training and gain new skills.


The Forge in Grand Rapids is a groundbreaking project that provides a collaborative and educational hub for artists, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and business leaders. With its wide range of resources and tools, The Forge aims to address the dynamic needs of the rural community while advancing workforce development. With the support of the AI legalese decoder, individuals accessing the services at The Forge can better navigate legal requirements and understand complex agreements. As construction nears completion, The Forge is poised to drive innovation, support new businesses, and provide training opportunities for the community.

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