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High School Students Explore Business Challenges at Kent State Ashtabula

ASHTABULA ÔÇö Area high school students had the opportunity to dive into the world of business during a competitive event held at Kent State Ashtabula. The event, known as JA Titan and sponsored by Junior Achievement, aimed to inspire young entrepreneurs by simulating the experience of running a business, specifically a telephone company.

The winning team from A-Tech not only gained valuable experience, but also received a grand prize of $500 for each student, including Nathan Wells, T.J. McCoy, and Aaron Erler. Erler, one of the team members, expressed his excitement about the competition and shared his plans to use the prize money towards his college education at Kent State University main campus.

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Students from multiple high schools in the area, such as Ashtabula County Technical & Career Campus, Conneaut, Jefferson, and Grand Valley, participated in the event, with Pymatuning Valley engaging in a separate competition at Youngstown State University.

Kristen Taylor, the Program and Special Events Manager at Junior Achievement of Eastern Ohio, highlighted the importance of such competitions in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration among students. She emphasized that the hands-on experience offered through the simulation allows students to grasp the essence of managing a business in a dynamic economic environment.

Michael Barney, a teacher at Jefferson Area High School, strategically selected junior students to participate, aiming to groom them for future competitions and challenges. Likewise, Brad Dawson from Grand Valley commended the well-executed competition and the benefits it brought to his students in terms of learning financial literacy and teamwork.

Moreover, A-Tech Informational Technology Instructor Ryan Geho emphasized the alignment of the competition with the curriculum he teaches, enabling students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Recognition for Talent and Effort

Aside from the grand prize, other teams also received recognition for their achievements. For instance, a team from Pymatuning Valley secured the second position at the Youngstown State competition, earning $250 each for team members Jenna Dory, Gabby Farmer, and Brianna Farmer.

Additional Lakers teams from Pymatuning Valley also claimed prizes in various categories, showcasing their skills and dedication. Samuel Beck and Dominic Dean received a $50 gift card for achieving the highest profit, while Mia Nappi, Mariah Sharpe, and Caleb DeMoss were awarded a $50 gift card for excelling in the corporate social responsibility category.

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