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Heading: Retrieving my Towed Car: An AI Legalese Decoder Can Help Resolve the Situation

Living in a large corporate apartment building has its advantages, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Today, I woke up to find my car missing from the premises. As the building has a secure gate, my initial assumption was that it had been towed rather than stolen. Seeking a solution, I contacted the tow company using the number provided on the garage wall. To my relief, they confirmed that my car was indeed in their possession. However, to release it, they demanded a significant sum of $370 in cash only. The reason provided was that I supposedly did not possess a permit for parking in the building’s lot. This sudden turn of events left me skeptical, as my car had a valid sticker displayed on the dashboard. I tried reaching out to my building’s management, but received no response. Surprisingly, upon checking other vehicles in the parking lot, I noticed everyone had parking stickers like mine. This raised doubts about the tow company’s claim and left me wondering how they managed to access the gated area without assistance.

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In this distressing situation, the AI Legalese Decoder can prove to be an invaluable tool. By employing its comprehensive understanding of legal jargon and knowledge of relevant parking laws, the decoder can assess the legitimacy of the towing company’s actions. It can scrutinize the terms and conditions of the building’s parking regulations, highlighting any inconsistencies or discrepancies. Additionally, it can analyze the contracts and agreements between the apartment complex and the tow company to ascertain the accuracy of their claims regarding the transition from stickers to placards.

Given that the tow company allegedly contacted someone within the building’s management, the AI Legalese Decoder can assist by identifying the appropriate channels to verify this conversation. By examining communication records, emails, and potentially cross-referencing with authorized personnel, the decoder can shed light on the credibility of the tow company’s statement.

Furthermore, the AI Legalese Decoder can interpret any relevant local ordinances or statutes that govern towing practices, ensuring that the tow company is acting within legal boundaries. It can determine whether the demanded amount of $370 is justified, considering factors such as reasonable storage fees and towing regulations.

While waiting for the building staff to arrive, it is crucial to seek immediate resolution and regain access to my car. Utilizing an AI Legalese Decoder will provide me with critical insights, ensuring that I can approach the situation armed with accurate legal information. By clarifying the situation’s nuances, the decoder will empower me to make informed decisions and resolve the matter in the most appropriate manner. Whether it involves negotiation, legal action, or obtaining clarification from the building staff, the AI Legalese Decoder will prove to be an invaluable ally during this challenging ordeal.

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  • AppState1981

    They want cash because they are unscrupulous. I would also mention to them they will have their contract voided away for wrongly towing a car. I work in a college town and this happens sometimes. The company has to pay a hefty amount to get a new contract.

  • bradland

    FWIW, this is far more suitable for r/legaladvice than it is personal finance. You’ll likely get better answers over there.

    My opinion is that there isn’t a great solution for this until you talk to your building management. You don’t have the full picture. You only have what the towing company says to go on, and you can’t trust that. This is exactly how towing companies make most of their money, and many of them are very shady.

    If you hand over $370, you’ll never see it back. Document everything by writing down dates, times, who you talk to (get names!), and the outcome of the call. I’d pay for an Uber to get to/from work until you can talk to building management. Save screenshots of the Uber receipts (you can always get to them later too).

    If you have good documentation of what transpired, and it turns out there was no policy change, it means they towed your vehicle illegally. Your building can demand they release your car. Just be aware that shady towing companies will basically extort you by demanding money to release your car, regardless of whether you can prove they are in the wrong.

    Many states have predatory towing laws. Without knowing where you are, it’s hard to say what the best path forward is, but Google searching “tow company illegally towed my car florida” ÔÇö but substitute your state ÔÇö will return a lot of results for lawyers who specialize in towing related issues.

    I cannot stress enough that you should not rely on any assumptions though. You need the full picture. That means get clarification from your management company, including a copy of the current policy that states stickers are suitable.

    Good luck, and fuck these people.

  • RonTheDog710

    I am making the assumption you are somewhere in the USA. I personally would pay the cash to get it out immediately before more fees are added on. Paying the fee does not absolve any entity of liability anyways in general, so you do not lose anything by getting your car out now.

    Then you can find out who called the tow. They are ultimately responsible for any potential damages.

    I would also look up your city/state laws regarding towing as well.

  • padizzledonk

    This sucks but im gonna tell you my story which is fucking awful

    I got pulled over right after the pandemic started off full swing about a week or 2 after lockdown

    Cop said i had no insurance- i had insurance, the State DMV fucked up, but they couldnt get ahold of my insurance company because it was a Sunday and they were also on lockdown, had reduced staff and they couldnt get through to them to confirm i had insurance. So they towed my car. I figure, ok, ill call monday and get proof of insurance, i call Monday, they send me an email, i print it out and drive to that towns Police Station for the Tow Release from impound.

    Coos tell me “This isnt good enough, we need the confirmation sheet from the DMV to give you the release form” i say, the DMV is fucking closed because of the lockdown, wtf am i supposed to do? Pokice say “­ƒñÀ” so i try to reach out through the phone- no one. Phone directs me to the website to file an appeal and expidited processing (1-3 WEEKS) i wait the 3 weeks, nothing, i file another appeal, wait 3 MORE weeks, nothing, now its 2.5 MONTHS of my car sotting in the impound and the DMV finally reopens for in person stuff. I get there at 5am and the line is around the fucking block, i wait THE ENTIRE DAY, 5am to 4pm in the blasting summer sun and never even get into the building. I decide to come back the next day, i get there at 3AM, there is already like a 100 people in line, but its much better than the day before, i finally get into the building around 2pm, sort my shit out, get the release form from the DMV (they in fact confirm that they fucked up) i go to the Police station across the state to get my impound release and arrange a ride to the tow company to get my car the next day

    I get there, keep in mind my car has been sitting there for like 10 fucking WEEKS now and they tell me i owe them $4500 in impound fees, which i get into a huge argument with the owner and he reduces it to 3500, i pay and get my car back

    I reach out to a lawyer to fucking sue SOMEONE for all this bullshit, im out like 7 grand at this point between car rental fees, lost wages dealing with all this shit and the impound feea….., turns out i cant sue anyone because the people that fucked up are the State DMV and they have immunity from lawsuits for damages, i reached out to a dozen lawyers and they all said the same thing that its extremely unlikely ill get anywhere, and ill have to pay out of pocket until the ruling and although they like getting paid they all said they dont recommend throwing money down a hole

    So- you are dealing with some bullshit, but it could be a lot worse lol

  • 227sclark

    Go to this site. Enter your same story. YouÔÇÖll be connected with an attorney licensed in your state who will give you a quick answer as to whether this is legally actionable and how you might proceed. IÔÇÖm not your attorney, not licensed in your state, and this is not legal advice, but it sounds like it could possibly be actionable.

  • Irregular_Person

    If you haven’t, take pictures of the permits of the other cars permits on the lot that weren’t towed too

  • srslyeffedmind

    Pay to get it out – the fees will only increase. Submit the charge for reimbursement to your management company. If they wonÔÇÖt reimburse engage a lawyer. Make it really problematic for them.

  • minifat

    Why does modern society suck this hard? What a time we’re living in. Sorry, OP.

  • ryebot3000

    Talk to your buildings management, the tow company has a strong interest in keeping them happy to keep getting business through them. When I was wrongfully towed from someone elseÔÇÖs apartment complex the property manager issued me a check in the amount of the tow on the spot when I provided evidence that it was a bad tow

  • Nynydancer

    Call the police. We had a predatory towing company lurking in our corporate owned complex (with permission) and they put a sticker on my car in my driveway (my apartment comes with a garage). I called the police and they said to call them immediately if the towers came back and if they touched my car. I also let the apartment managers know. The towers never came back.

    I went super karen on my apartment managers and was like hey I have a mercedes, donÔÇÖt even think about touching my car. The apartment managers seemed to be in with the towing company. They were like oh okay we wonÔÇÖt let then touch YOUR car. I was like excuse me they should not touch ANYONEÔÇÖS car. Once they heard the police were going to reapond I think that helped.

  • SillyLittlePenguin

    Fun fact:

    If you have a newer and/or decent high value used car… and there are no liens on it, it’s a target for illegal tows. They don’t have to deal with a bank that is going to enforce their rights to get the car back.

    You’ll know if this is the case, if when you go to pick up the car they refuse to release it at any price, citing some BS law, you basically have to take them to court and hire a lawyer to get your car back.

  • my_clever-name

    Read your lease. There should be a section that lets you know how you are informed of things like the parking sticker change.

    If they didn’t follow their procedure, or if there is no procedure, take them to small claims court.

    And look for a new place to live, your rent will increase a lot on the next lease.

  • GreasedWalnut

    I would strongly consider going over your apartment lease, and verifying your parking pass requirements. If they fell through on that commitment there I would file small claims or threaten it first.

  • alcohall183

    Where do you live? This is important as many states and cities have very specific rules for tow companies. In my state they would not be legally allowed to ask for only cash, the rules for being towed must be on the sign and the the sign has to be a certain size, with a certain font, and one every so many parking spaces. There’s rules for storage fees. Lot closures. etc.. they also have to tell the police they towed it and from where within 2 hours of towing. So, where is this?

    EDIT; I see this is in Baltimore- Upon checking, your argument is with the person who authorized the tow. Good news- The tow company is required to keep a log of the NAME of the person who authorized the tow and not just “manager or admin”. BAD news, you have to pay and they are allowed to only accept cash. They are required to have a working ATM on the premises, if they do not then they have to accept a check. But only if the ATM isn’t working. You can then recover fees from whomever authorized the tow.

  • uthillygooth

    ItÔÇÖs a hostage situation once they have it

  • doloresclaiborne

    We had a building manager change and suddenly cars were getting towed left and right. New manager was clearly in cahoots with the towing company. Needless to say we replaced her pretty quick.

  • jimbo831

    > But they gave me the new sticker, so hopefully this won’t happen again.

    Until they arbitrarily decide to change the sticker again at some point in the future. Personally this is the kind of thing that would make me decide to move at the end of my lease.

  • LuckyTheLurker

    Pay it, then submit your evidence to the building management to be refunded the full cost including your Uber ride.

    If they reject your request sue them in small claims court but also add an amount for loss of use, the cost of your time, and any fees the court charges to file.

    Serve the building management personally and take a picture of them holding the envelope.

    Show up to court and present your evidence that they never gave or offered a new sticker so they are responsible for the towing of your vehicle.

  • Jozef215

    May be worth involving law enforcement. If a car is towed from public property, law enforcement is required to be present. As this is from private property, itÔÇÖs on property management, but you may be able to try to tell the police station or sheriffs office they stole your vehicle. I would also recommend you discuss this strategy with your property management and tow yard. Always best to work with people before you begin to work against them.

  • rudderusa

    Get your car out first then get all your paper work together and take them to small claims court.

  • Scalybeast

    Get you car back asap because as many have said, the towing company will keep tacking on fees. Take a video or pictures of the entire process to show that you had your permit visible. Then ask the management company to pay you back if you didnÔÇÖt break any rules. If that doesnÔÇÖt work and you were following the policy, get the parking rules in writing and lawyer up to get your money back.

  • E_Man91

    Towing coÔÇÖs are often scummy and also LLÔÇÖs can be crappy as well.

    YouÔÇÖre in a really tough spot here, but I would Uber to work, and maybe think about stopping at your local PD and asking for advice.

    Call your mgmt company and maybe threaten them somehow? IÔÇÖm not sure what else you can do.

    If you pay the $$ in cash, youÔÇÖll never see it again, but you might be able to withhold some rent $$ for that portion you lost from the tow. Sometimes people pay out of pocket for critical repairs when they have slumlords who donÔÇÖt fix something; you might be able to do something similar for holding back the tow $$ from rent if your state allows.

    You can try googling, but youÔÇÖre in a tough spot. If you get legal help, itÔÇÖll probably cost more than the tow $$ you are out.

  • AverageAndNotJoe

    Pay to get your car out, get a receipt. Document everything from what management previously said about the stickers and what they said recently. File a small claims court case against them for reimbursement. Best case scenario is you win the money back and the apartment terminates the towing contract. Worst case scenario is you lose the money you paid and you move to a new apartment with better management when your lease is up.

  • Puppersnme

    I lived in a townhouse for years, and they ran the exact same sort of racket. We had assigned parking, and we’re required to have stickers to park anywhere except visitor’s spots (and they chalked tires and towed there, too). They’d tow if you got a flat tire, or if anything on your vehicle expired, even though police wouldn’t tow for that if it were on a public street. If you didn’t move your car often enough, towed. They changed the stickers often, and if you didn’t have the current color, towed.

    Tow companies only take cash because they don’t want to deal with charges being disputed, checks bouncing, etc. As mad as I was at the towing company, the fault was really with the HOA management. After some digging, I discovered that it’s common for them to contract with towing companies, and they typically get a percentage of the tow fees. Awful practice.

  • CramWellington

    If you pay the $370, you will never get it back.

  • Numbah9Dr

    Tow companies deserve multiple anonymous boxes of assorted animal dung sent every time they tow someone illegally.

  • WhomstBeThyBoi

    This happened to my wifeÔÇÖs coworker. Like, quite literally the EXACT same thing. Stickers, new policy, all that bs. This happened maybe 2-3 weeks ago here in Oregon.

  • bubblesculptor

    Man i’m still furious about a scam tow I received over 15 years ago. Now I’m mad again reading your experience and remembering mine.

    I feel for you. I doubt you have any realistic recourse for getting reimbursed that doesn’t cost you more in time or money that tow itself. Maybe deduct it from rent it building management failed to notify you, but that has potential consequences too.

  • ChiefTestPilot87

    This happened to me years ago. Paid for covered parking, mgmt changed the sticker color and never provided notice. Predatory tow company pulled the cash only crap, told them no, theyÔÇÖd either be taking a credit card or cashiers check or I would be taking them and their insurance company to court as well as filing a formal complaint with the state tow licensing body.

    Once I got my car back my lawyer sent an invoice for the tow and damage to my car to the apartment management along with a letter that basically said if they didnÔÇÖt cover for the inconvenience, as well as the damage we would be taking them to court. They caved and I got a free month of rent out of it. They werenÔÇÖt happy about the scathing online reviews I left either

  • putridmuskrat

    IÔÇÖve had this happen to me.

    Best thing you can do if you live at one of these corporate properties is do a Google(or LinkedIn ideally) search to find a regional or district manager. This is the person you want to be very very calm and understanding with. They have the power to get your car out for free, but if you come out hot, theyÔÇÖre not going to help you.

    Act clueless, say that building management canÔÇÖt tell you what happened, and seem a little desperate.

    Best of luck. If you pay to get your car out, youÔÇÖre SOL. Almost no chance theyÔÇÖre gonna cut you a check to reimburse you.

  • curtludwig

    Submit a bill for reimbursement to the management company. With the bill explain that they should have sent you a new sticker. Any management company with half a brain would have done that.

    When they don’t pay, because of course they won’t, take them to small claims court. Get them to explain in court how not sending you a sticker was a good idea. Best case, you get your money back, worst case you get to enjoy seeing the property manager squirm in court.

  • notacrook

    Call the cops. They stole your car.

  • cleanRubik

    With the update it sounds like an unfortunate event but surprisingly no one is 100% at fault. Hopefully you get the lease credit and can put it behind you.


    I always find it funny that tow companies will go after a parking lot tow within 10 minutes but when you need an actual tow it’s always an hour.

  • MediaMadeSchizo

    Any time a company says cash only it’s a scam.

  • crazedizzled

    Pretty sure towing companies can’t hold your car for ransom. It’s your property, you can drive it away.

  • NiceAsset

    Uber to work, get your Aptcomplex to figure it out, req to be reimbursed if they are in the wrong /end story

  • erikv55

    So you did or didnt get an email? You say you didnt but then comment on a janky website email.