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Bright ‘X’ Sign at Former Twitter HQ Sparks Concern among Neighbors

A flashing “X” sign that was recently installed atop the former Twitter headquarters in San Francisco has raised concerns among nearby residents. On Monday, workers began dismantling the sign, just days after its installation. The old Twitter sign, featuring a blue bird, was taken down last week as part of the company’s rebranding, following Elon Musk’s announcement on July 24. However, due to permit issues, the letters “er” were left behind temporarily.

The new “X” sign also faced permit problems, with San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection filing a complaint against the company on Friday. According to the complaint, the sign was installed without the necessary permit. Despite attempts by inspectors to gain access on Saturday and Monday, they were denied entry. Eventually, during Monday’s visit, the inspector met with building management, who informed them that the sign was being dismantled.

The frustration among San Francisco residents was evident during the sign’s brief existence. Video footage captured by a local resident and digital journalist revealed the bright and pulsing lights of the sign, which were visible from across the street. The lights even caused disturbances inside people’s homes, with the sign’s brightness described as akin to lightning flashes. The distracting strobing effect made it difficult for residents to enjoy activities such as watching movies in their own apartments.

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