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President Bazoum was sworn in in 2021

Soldiers in Niger have blockaded the presidential palace, as well as several ministries in the capital, Niamey, according to reports.

No shots were fired, and it is unclear if this blockade is an attempt by the presidential guard to seize power.

The president’s office tweeted that the guards unsuccessfully tried to get support from the military in their “anti-republican” efforts.

President Mohamed Bazoum is currently in his residence with his family, as reported by AFP.

According to an unnamed source, this move by the troops is considered a “fit of temper,” and ongoing negotiations are taking place.

Reports indicate that former President Mohammed Issoufou and other former presidents are currently participating in talks to prevent the situation from escalating further.

The president’s office reassured that “The President of the Republic and his family are doing well. The Army and the National Guard are ready to attack” those involved in this incident.

Niger, a landlocked West African state, has a history of experiencing coups, with four occurring since its independence from France in 1960, along with numerous attempted coups.

President Bazoum, who was democratically elected in 2021, enjoys a close alliance with France.

Niger is currently dealing with two separate jihadist campaigns, one in the southwest originating from neighboring Mali in 2015, and the other in the southeast involving jihadists based in northeastern Nigeria.

Militant groups affiliated with both al-Qaeda and Islamic State operate in the country.

Recently, neighboring countries Mali and Burkina Faso have experienced coups triggered by jihadist uprisings.

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