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# Widow Describes Tragic Synagogue Shooting

A widow shared her heartbreaking account of how her husband was gunned down while attending a synagogue to worship. She spoke of her husband’s intention to praise God, only to be met with a barrage of bullets. Alongside her, a police officer recounted the harrowing moment he discovered his wounded colleague amidst the bodies of other victims. Another survivor revealed the terrifying experience of finding her 97-year-old mother’s fading pulse while they hid together in the chapel. These testimonies were shared by survivors and relatives of the 11 worshippers who tragically lost their lives in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre on October 27, 2018.

These individuals courageously confronted the gunman, Robert Bowers, during the court proceedings, expressing their anguish, anger, and determination. The U.S. District Judge, Robert Colville, then delivered the jury’s decision to sentence Bowers to death.

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## Grieving Voices Echo Through the Courtroom

Witnessing the members of this unfortunate community gathering together in this unexpected, sorrowful club was a heart-wrenching sight. Emotions ran high as one by one, they approached the microphone to share the void left in their lives by the heinous acts of the gunman. Throughout the proceedings, Robert Bowers, the remorseless perpetrator who had openly expressed his anti-Semitic views, callously averted his gaze and casually thumbed through a stack of papers.

Andrea Wedner, who had sought shelter under the chapel pews with her mother, Rose Mallinger, bravely declared, “He murdered a 97-year-old great-grandmother, but he did not get us all.” Wedner revealed her agonizing thought of whether her husband and children believed she was dead while she anxiously awaited help for a grueling 40 minutes. When aid finally arrived, she recounted stepping over the lifeless bodies of acquaintances.

“I am haunted and forever chilled as I think about what I saw as I was being rescued that day,” Ms. Wedner expressed with a heavy heart.

Peg Durachko, who lost her beloved husband Richard Gottfried in the synagogue’s kitchen, conveyed how this horrific attack had left her utterly alone, robbed of her soulmate and entire family.

Speaking directly to the gunman, Daniel Leger, a member of Dor Hadash congregation, courageously expressed his desire for Bowers to acknowledge him, “the Jew he tried to kill.” However, Mr. Bowers remained indifferent.

## Unraveling the Gunman’s Troubled Past

Throughout the trial’s sentencing phase, Bowers’s defense attorneys shed light on his troubled childhood. They revealed his parents’ tumultuous relationship, including threats to kill him as an infant, and his father’s tragic suicide when Bowers was just seven years old. Additionally, the defense argued that he suffered from schizophrenia and carried out the shooting under severe mental and emotional distress. The jury, while acknowledging many of the defendant’s challenging life circumstances, ultimately dismissed the defense’s claim and rejected the notion that Mr. Bowers had committed the crime due to mental disturbance.

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## Gratitude and the Pursuit of Justice

Many relatives and survivors expressed their gratitude upon learning of Bowers’s death sentence, despite reservations from some individuals impacted by the tragedy. Rabbi Doris Dyen, who was present during the attack, justified the death penalty by stating that Bowers had forfeited his right to live by committing such a heinous act. The rabbi emphasized the need to prevent Bowers from spreading his harmful ideas ever again, urging his permanent silence.

Alan Mallinger, the son of Rose Mallinger, invoked a biblical passage, Leviticus 24:21, which supports the notion of capital punishment for taking a human life. The judge consequently imposed consecutive life sentences on Bowers for the plethora of charges he faced, including 22 hate crimes and civil rights offenses linked to the synagogue killings. Bowers was also convicted on 41 additional federal counts, including firearms charges.

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## Ensuring Accountability through the Judicial System

Designating a sentence that complies with the law is an essential aspect of the judicial process. Professor David Harris, a respected professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, emphasized the significance of delivering an appropriate sentence, taking into account not only the murders committed but also the other crimes perpetrated by Bowers. Professor Harris noted that should the death sentence be overturned on appeal, Bowers would still face incarceration for the additional charges laid against him.

## The Continuing legal Journey

Despite the sentencing, what lies ahead after this verdict remains uncertain. Bowers, like every individual sentenced to death, is entitled to an appeal. His legal team has confirmed their intent to pursue this avenue. Additionally, Bowers faces 36 counts in state court, including 11 murder charges. The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, in consideration of the emotional toll the federal trial has taken on the victims, families, and community, has chosen to await discussions with the affected families before proceeding with the state prosecution.

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*Note: Jon Moss contributed to this report.*

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