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## Situation Overview

Cynthia Carter bought a house in the foothills south of Santa Fe 11 years ago and converted it into a short-term rental to supplement her income as a graphic designer. However, Santa Fe County Assessor Isaiah Romero is reclassifying some short-term rentals for property tax purposes this year, leading to significant tax increases for owners like Carter.

The reclassification could more than double some owners’ tax bills due to higher tax rates and rising property valuations. Carter, for example, could see her taxes increase from $2,688 in 2023 to $5,788 in 2024, with the potential for a total tax bill exceeding $86,500 over the next 10 years.

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## Impact on Rental Owners

The reclassification has placed rental owners in a difficult position, with many facing tough choices to adapt to the changes. Owners like Maggie Lambe are contemplating canceling reservations, losing income, or seeking additional employment to offset the tax increase.

The uncertainty and financial strain created by the reclassification have prompted owners to explore legal options, including appeals and potential lawsuits. Elizabeth Emmens, an organizer of a group of rental owners, views the change as a challenge to property rights and an obstacle for homeowners in Santa Fe.

Despite the challenges, Carter and other rental owners are determined to navigate the situation and protect their properties, even if it means sacrificing rental income or seeking legal recourse to challenge the reclassification.

Overall, the impact of the tax reclassification extends beyond financial considerations, affecting the livelihood and stability of rental owners in Santa Fe. Through advocacy, legal action, and community support, owners are striving to address the challenges posed by the reclassification and protect their properties.

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