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## Uncomfortable Situation with Sheriff’s Department

I have no problem with sheriff’s dept and they’ve been professional and civil in every interaction, but having them show up at all hours is unnerving and uncomfortable. It’s important to address this issue to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Girlfriend(K) has had a turbulent relationship with her father, which has escalated to the point where he showed up at the house to confront her a few months ago. This situation prompted me to inform him that he wasn’t welcome on the property, especially with young children present who shouldn’t witness such confrontations. Unfortunately, this led to random police visits for welfare checks on K.

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Despite the lack of direct contact from K’s father, the continuous involvement of the sheriff’s department raises concerns about potential misuse of authority. It’s essential to seek guidance and support to address this issue effectively. While the authorities may not see the misuse of the 911 system, exploring alternative avenues, such as legal assistance through AI Legalese Decoder, can provide clarity and guidance on how to proceed.

In conclusion, seeking help and exploring all available resources, including AI Legalese Decoder, can empower you to address the uncomfortable situation with the sheriff’s department and K’s father proactively. Your well-being and safety should be a top priority, and taking steps to address the harassment is crucial in finding a resolution.

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  • Turbulent_Radish_330

    >They don’t evidently feel that he’s misusing the 911 system, or they would have done something about it themselves.

    Have you told the sheriff’s department that the visits aren’t out of genuine concern and that you want them to stop answering his requests? 

  • GingerScourge

    Police 911 Dispatcher here. This is what we call “harassment by cop.” She’s an adult. She has chosen to live where she is at. Father no longer has any right to tell her where she is supposed to be. He needs to be told, either by his daughter or the sheriff that she is fine. She is not in any danger. Not responding to a text is not a sign of danger. If he calls the police again without a good reason to check on her, it will be considered harassment and he can be charged for it. There could be potentially other consequences also. If he had called 911 each time, he could also be charged for abuse of 911, false reporting, and misuse of emergency services.

    If none of you want to contact him (and there’s nothing at all wrong with that) next time he calls the sheriffs department, tell them what I told you here, they will contact him and tell him to stop. Any further will be harassment.

  • calminthedark

    Your son’s girlfriend needs to say “He is abusing police services to harass me, please check the history of welfare checks he has called in on me at this address over the last couple of months.” You all need to address this with officers as a misuse of services. Call police dept. admin the next business day, speak to the highest ranking person you possibly can and stress the misuse of services. Hopefully he has used 911 to call at least some of these in, that will make it worse for him. They can check the records on the calls.

  • Knitting_Kitten

    Your son’s girlfriend needs to address this, not you. She should talk to the sheriff’s department, and explain the situation, and ask that they stop the welfare checks.

  • jollygreenspartan

    You can make it clear to the sheriff’s department that he is not making the 911 calls out of genuine concern which might motivate them to take action against him.

  • ShelterSuspicious386

    Dispatch centers have non-emergency numbers specifically for calls like this. Even if Dad is calling 911, they have to prove he knows she isn’t in danger. She needs to find out what he is telling the cops to get them to come check on her. Second, she needs to tell the Officers that although she understands that if they get a call to check her welfare, they have to respond, it seems like her Dad is using them to harass her. Because that’s exactly what he’s doing. Unless she has some medical/mental condition that requires medication that she hasnt taken, she’s an adult and doesn’t legally have to report to her father. They’re not going to get upset with her, in fact they’ll probably be more pissed at her father for wasting their time. They can only work with the information they have, so unless she tells them the WHOLE situation, they can only go off of what he is telling them. If all of this doesn’t work, when the cops show up to check on her, she should tell them that she’s fine but since they’re already there, she would like to file a report for harassment.

  • solatesosorry

    Talk with the Chief of Police. It’s unlikely they want their officer’s time wasted.

  • dartron5000

    Have her complain about it instead.

  • Beginning_Letter431

    She needs to officially move out and level the playing field. He still sees her as a child, he will not stop until she moves out and tells him she is an adult she doesn’t have to answer his every call right away. Then she can start documenting and then doing something about this harassment. She might be of legal age but adults including police have a hard time seeing young adults as such until they are forced to, she needs to do this not you not your husband, her. You can help but coaching her on what to say and do, you can help by letting her officially move in and being the support system while she deals with this and offer guidance into her role as an adult. 

  • UrDeAdPuPpYbOnEr

    Maybe be proactive and phone the sheriffs and speak with them and apprise them of the situation so they don’t waste another trip and you don’t experience another hassle?

  • MorseES13


    As another commenter said, the best thing you can do/the daughter can do (as far as I see it) is file a No Contact Order against the dad, and talk with the Sheriff’s Office about this.

    Unfortunately for you, the Sheriff’s office likely has to respond whenever called, but how they’ve not caught on that it’s a waste of their time is beyond me. Depending on where you live, this may fall under criminal harassment.

    The important thing to do is to make a record with the Sheriff’s office that you do not want to be contacted by this person (directly or indirectly by the police showing up every time they call them to your house), that this has happened repeatedly, and that the 18yr old is an independent person who is not subject to the authority of her father.

  • McNallyJoJo34

    I work for a sheriffs office in dispatch, I know where I am if someone calls we have to send them… god forbid the one time we don’t that something is actually wrong. It sucks for you guys though, I truly understand and I’m sorry you’re going through this

  • Darknight5415

    He may not be using 911 to make the calls, so he may be calling their non-emergency number, and if that’s the case their really isn’t much you can do. Most departments have to send someone if there is a call for service to make sure there isn’t a real issue. The only thing she could do is get a no contact order, and then she could file a violation of the order if he continues.

  • Shitp0st_Supreme

    Can there be a way that the police can contact her directly in order to prevent a welfare check?