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## Survey Shows Lack of Trust in Tories Among British Small Business Leaders

More than two thirds of British small business leaders believe that the Conservative party has “lost the trust of the business community,” according to new polling data. The survey conducted by Opinium reveals that a significant 60 percent of small-scale entrepreneurs feel that “the last few years of chaotic government have damaged my business.”

This lack of confidence in the Tories is further emphasized by the fact that two-thirds of small business leaders perceive that “Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives are out of ideas.” These sentiments highlight the growing disillusionment and dissatisfaction within the business sector towards the current government.

## Labour’s Proposed Reforms and the Concerns of Business Leaders

In response to the perceived failures of the Conservative party, Labour has put forth plans to address issues related to employment rights. Deputy Leader Angela Rayner’s proposed “new deal” includes measures such as the ban of zero-hours contracts and granting employees the ability to claim unfair dismissal from day one at work.

However, these proposed reforms have raised concerns among business figures who fear that such changes could lead to longer probation periods, an increase in fixed-term contracts, and a rise in the use of agency staff. The potential impact of these reforms on the stability and flexibility of the labor market has sparked debates within the industry.

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