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Recent Burglaries Plague Eagle Rock Businesses

A burglar wreaked havoc on three small businesses in Eagle Rock overnight, causing local business owners to fear for their safety as authorities work tirelessly to track down the perpetrator. The break-ins have left a lasting impact on the community, with many feeling vulnerable and on edge.

Surveillance footage caught the brazen thief in the act as he forcefully entered Cheebo restaurant on Colorado Boulevard at 4 a.m. on a Sunday. His swift and targeted approach, heading straight for the cash register, has left business owners like George Tripodakis of the American restaurant puzzled and concerned. The thief’s familiarity with the layout of the businesses suggests a calculated and strategic approach to his crimes.

Considering the similarities in the break-ins at Cheebo and neighboring businesses Loop Espresso Club and Chateau Lemongrass, Tripodakis suspects they are the work of the same individual. The aftermath of the burglaries has united the affected business owners, with Tripodakis receiving a warning call from a nearby establishment when their alarm was triggered by the culprit.

Local resident Michael Nogueira has observed a troubling trend in these incidents, noting a correlation between the burglaries and rainy weather. The impact on small, independent businesses has been particularly distressing, highlighting the vulnerability of mom-and-pop establishments in such situations.

The search for the burglar is ongoing, with law enforcement urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in the investigation. The Los Angeles Police DepartmentÔÇÖs Northeast station can be reached at 323-561-3211.

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