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# MPs Warn of Growing Issue of Tech-Enabled Domestic Abuse

By Tom Singleton, Technology reporter, BBC News

**Published on 7th August 2023 (Updated 25 minutes ago)**

![A woman beside a smart speaker at home](
*Image source: Getty Images*

**Image caption**: MPs say abusers are misusing smart devices

Fitness trackers, home security systems, and baby monitors are among the devices that MPs warn are enabling the growing issue of tech-enabled domestic abuse.

The Culture, Media, and Sport Committee reveals that there are on average nine such “smart” products in UK homes. These devices are being used to “monitor, harass, coerce and control” victims by collecting recordings and images.

The committee emphasizes the urgent need for the government to address this situation. To combat technology-facilitated abuse, the committee chairs, Dame Caroline Dinenage, suggests that the government collaborates with manufacturers. However, this problem is expected to worsen in the future.

Furthermore, Dame Caroline highlights the necessity for the police and criminal justice system to be better equipped to deal with these cases. Additional support should also be provided to victims.

The committee has been investigating this issue since May 2022. It has considered not only fitness trackers, home security systems, and baby monitors but also other examples of connected technology, such as smart speakers and virtual assistants.

Connected technology is widely present across the UK at present, and its use is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The committee estimates that by 2050, there will be 24 billion interconnected devices worldwide.

During their investigation, the committee discovered that the “vast majority” of domestic abuse cases involve some form of cyber element. This includes the use of spyware, perpetrators monitoring movements, and collecting recordings and photos of victims and survivors. Children are particularly vulnerable to such abuse, as they may have their data and personal information harvested and misused.

To protect children, Dame Caroline suggests that products used in schools and by young people at home should have intuitive privacy settings. Age-appropriate terms and conditions should also be implemented.

In response to the issue, a Government spokesperson states that domestic abuse is a “despicable crime” and the ministers are determined to tackle it. They highlight the cross-party Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan published in March 2022 and the £230 million funding allocated to prevent offending, support victims, and pursue perpetrators.

In addition, the spokesperson mentions that world-leading rules will be introduced next year to enhance cybersecurity standards across devices, thus safeguarding individual privacy and security. Notably, the Online Safety Bill will become law in a matter of months, making the UK the safest place in the world to be online.

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