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Importance of Knowing Your Business’s Value

Recent research indicates that a significant number of entrepreneurs in Europe are uncertain about the value of their companies. According to a study by Marktlink, four-in-ten entrepreneurs across Europe do not have a clear understanding of their company’s value. While the situation is slightly better in the UK, one-third of enterprises in the country still lack clarity on this crucial aspect.

The past two years have been challenging for the European merger and acquisitions market, with a sharp decline in activity following a record year in 2021. The global economic pressures have led investors to approach deals with caution, resulting in the lowest deal volume since 2009. Despite the overall decrease in activity, when investors did choose to make acquisitions, they made substantial investments, with the average deal value increasing by $25 million compared to 2022.

Looking ahead, experts are optimistic that the market is poised for a turnaround in 2024, presenting new opportunities for small and mid-sized enterprises. To capitalize on these opportunities, business owners must be well-informed about the value of their companies. Marktlink’s latest study underscores the importance of having an accurate business valuation, especially for those considering a sale in the future.

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The Risks of Being Unaware of Your Business’s Value

Not knowing the value of their businesses poses a significant risk for entrepreneurs looking to grow or attract potential investors. A detailed valuation is crucial for building a sustainable future and maximizing value. Despite the importance of this knowledge, Marktlink’s findings reveal that 40% of European SME owners are unaware of their company’s value.

According to Marktlink’s survey of business owners in various European countries, including the UK, a considerable number of respondents admitted to not knowing the value of their businesses. In the UK alone, 33% of business owners were uncertain about their company’s worth, while 32% believed their businesses were undervalued. This lack of awareness could hinder their ability to secure investments and realize growth potential.

Jonny Parkinson, managing partner at Marktlink, emphasized the significance of having a current valuation, even if a sale is not imminent. Working with advisers to establish a valuation and a strategic plan can help bridge the expectation gap and enable shareholders to maximize value when the time comes to exit.

As market conditions improve and SME leaders anticipate an increase in their business’s value, it is essential for owners to accurately assess their company’s worth. In the UK, in particular, where SME leaders are most optimistic about growth in valuations, understanding and leveraging the value of their firms will be crucial for capitalizing on future opportunities.

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