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Report Highlights the Importance of Digital Pathways for Young People in the South-West

Ensuring more young people have better pathways into digital careers has the potential to address the South-West’s chronic economic and social challenges, a new report says. The report, “The Tech Frontier: Shaping the Future of the South-West Peninsula”, funded by The Hg Foundation, is part of the work of the University of Exeter’s South West Social Mobility Commission.

The report reveals that the technology workforce in the South-West is set to expand by 26 per cent from 2022 to 2027, surpassing the growth rate of any other sector. This growth presents an opportunity to distribute benefits equitably, especially to young people from less privileged backgrounds.

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Challenges and Opportunities in the South-West’s Tech Industry

Despite the importance of the tech industry in the South-West, the region had the lowest uptake of level 3 IT qualifications in England in 2019. This lack of available talent poses a significant barrier for tech companies in the area.

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Recommendations for Bridging the Skills Gap

The report includes eight key recommendations to boost tech education and skills development in the South-West. These recommendations range from hands-on tech work experience opportunities for students to mentorship programs and dedicated “Tech Days” in schools.

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Fostering Innovation and Inclusivity in the Tech Ecosystem

The principal author of the report emphasizes the importance of fostering a more inclusive tech ecosystem in the South-West to secure its position as a hub of innovation. With collaboration and effort, the region can cultivate a thriving tech industry that benefits all, providing valuable skills and opportunities for the next generation.

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