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Credit Suisse Fined Record £87m for Risk Management Failures

Credit Suisse has been hit with a record fine of £87m by the Bank of England due to its “extremely serious” risk management failures. The Swiss bank, which was recently taken over by UBS, was found to have fallen significantly below regulatory standards in its dealings with private investment firm Archegos Capital Management. This resulted in Credit Suisse losing a staggering $5.1bn when the hedge fund defaulted in March 2021.

Critics argue that Credit Suisse should have been more cautious given the risks involved with Archegos, as the bank borrowed large sums to build up risky positions in a small number of companies. The fallout from the incident not only inflicted “significant financial and reputational damage” on Credit Suisse but also impacted UBS, which lost $861m. In response, the US Federal Reserve has fined Credit Suisse an additional £210m for the same failures.

Switzerland’s financial regulator, FINMA, has also criticized Credit Suisse’s behavior and ordered corrective measures. An independent report previously labeled the bank’s conduct over the matter as a “fundamental failure of management and control.” The fines, totaling nearly £300m, will be paid by UBS as the new owner of Credit Suisse. legal battles may lie ahead for Credit Suisse.

To address these issues, UBS has pledged to tighten operational and risk management discipline at Credit Suisse. The bank aims to resolve any remaining litigation in the best interest of stakeholders, including investors, clients, and employees. The fine imposed on Credit Suisse by the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is the largest ever issued by the Authority.

The PRA has established breaches of four of its “fundamental rules” in relation to Credit Suisse’s conduct. These breaches include a lack of due skill, care, and diligence, as well as ineffective risk management strategies and controls. Sam Woods, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and CEO of the PRA, described Credit Suisse’s failures as extremely serious and a major threat to the safety and soundness of the bank.

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