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# Employee in Custody after Shooting Incident in Chicago Business

An alarming incident took place on Sunday morning at a business establishment in Chicago. It has been reported that an employee shot another person following an argument. The incident occurred at around 12:10 a.m. in the 7000 block of South Western Avenue. The employee engaged in a heated verbal altercation and, unfortunately, resorted to using a weapon.

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# Shooting Incident Details and Investigation

As a result of the shooting, a 20-year-old man sustained an injury in his right leg. Fortunately, his condition was reported to be good. The victim was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the employee responsible for the shooting was apprehended and taken into custody. Law enforcement officials successfully recovered the weapon used in the altercation from the scene.

At present, the investigation into the incident is being conducted by Area One detectives. They are diligently examining the available evidence and interviewing relevant parties involved in the incident. However, no further details have been released regarding the motive behind the argument or any background information on the individuals involved.

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