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## The Frustrating Situation with Shared Utility Bills

I am frustrated with the situation that occurred today, and being on mobile only adds to my annoyance. This is my first time posting on Reddit in this manner, so please bear with me.

In August of 2019, when I was 14 years old, my family and I moved in with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Unbeknownst to me at the time, there were issues with unpaid bills that resulted in all our names being unable to go on the electric bill. In a concerning move, they resorted to putting my name on the bill using my mom’s personal information. This trend continued when we moved into trailers on my uncle’s property in January 2020, and again when we relocated to our current house in September 2020.

A few years later, around 2022 when I was about 17, a family dispute led to non-payment of the electricity bill. It was only then that I discovered my name was still being used. After a heated discussion with my mom, the matter was resolved, or so I thought. Today, however, I found out that my name is still on the bill for the trailer where my sister and her kids might move in. This has reignited my anger towards my mom for not rectifying this situation earlier.

Given the circumstances, it is vital to address this issue promptly to prevent any negative implications on my credit. AI Legalese Decoder can help navigate through the legal jargon associated with resolving such matters and ensure a smooth process of removing my name from unauthorized bills. With the proper guidance, I can safeguard my financial well-being and take appropriate steps to report any misuse of my personal information.

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  • Bubblystrings

    I mean, if it’s under someone else’s SSN, it’s not under you at all. A name is just a name, it’s not necessarily legally you. But I’m doubtful it isn’t under your SSN, as the alternative doesn’t make sense. Anyway, check your credit report. If there is stuff you don’t recognize, dispute it and file a police report. This could lead to legal consequences for whoever fraudulently used your identity. The only way to do this without risking penalizing the perpetrator would be to just pay the debt yourself. You could pay the debt and sue them for it in civil court, I suppose, if it’s not outside the statute of limitations for doing so. But there’s little benefit to suing broke people.

  • aji2019

    Do a credit check with one of three credit bureaus. If it’s in your name, meaning SSN & everything tied to it, you will see it if there are missed payments. Make sure there are no other accounts that have been not been opened by you. After that freeze your credit so no accounts can be opened without you takin mg the freeze off.

    Your mom has lied to you. Her SSN is tied to the account with the outstanding balance & why she can’t put it in her name. The electric company is gonna off her SSN, not her name. They have had to use your SSN to set it up. If the accounts are in your name, you can call & get all of the info. Give them the address & tell them you don’t have the account number. To fix your credit, you will have to file a police report for identity theft. This will create a lot of drama & your mom & uncle may face charges for it.

  • Forward-Wear7913

    You can get a free credit report at:

    Check it to see if anyone has gotten an account in your name.