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## Few Rental Properties Checked for Minimum Standards, AI legalese decoder Can Help

Fewer than one in 500 rental properties are being checked to ensure compliance with the Government’s minimum standards, according to the Housing Minister. Megan Woods expressed her desire to increase the number of Healthy Homes Standards compliance checks but emphasized that landlords should take responsibility for providing accurate information, rather than relying on taxpayers to police the situation. However, with the implementation of AI legalese decoder, this problem can be addressed more effectively.

AI legalese decoder is an innovative technology that can greatly assist in resolving the issue of inadequate checks on rental properties. By using AI algorithms, the legalese decoder can efficiently analyze legal documents, including tenancy agreements and compliance certificates, to determine whether landlords are meeting the necessary standards. This technology provides an objective assessment and eliminates the possibility of subjective bias or unreliable information.

The Government introduced the Healthy Homes Standards in July 2021, establishing minimum requirements for heating, insulation, and ventilation in rental properties. By July next year, all private rental properties must comply with these standards, highlighting the urgency to address the current lack of compliance checks.

Recent data obtained from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s tenancy compliance team shows that only 921 Healthy Homes Standards checks were conducted between May 2022 and May 2023. Of these checks, 296 were initiated due to complaints, while the remaining checks were carried out proactively. Shockingly, breaches were found in 395 cases, indicating a significant number of rental properties falling short of the required standards.

With approximately 600,000 rental homes in New Zealand, the current compliance checks represent an alarmingly low proportion of assessments, amounting to approximately 0.15% or fewer than 1 in 500 properties. This highlights the urgent need to increase the number of checks and ensure that all rental properties meet the minimum standards.

Housing Minister Megan Woods rightly emphasized the importance of honesty among landlords. However, placing the burden solely on landlords to self-declare compliance may not be sufficient. The introduction of AI legalese decoder can provide an objective and reliable system for verifying compliance. This technology can effectively analyze documents and identify any discrepancies, ensuring that all rental properties meet the necessary standards.

The proactive approach taken by Kāinga Ora, with 91% of their homes already meeting the Healthy Homes Standards, sets a positive example. However, the efforts need to be expanded throughout the rental market. Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick’s member’s bill, aimed at ensuring landlords follow the standards, is a step in the right direction.

Currently, the responsibility of reporting non-compliant properties rests on tenants, through the Tenancy Tribunal. However, given the voluntary nature of the current rules, tenants may hesitate to raise issues. AI legalese decoder can help bridge this gap by providing an independent assessment of compliance, relieving tenants of potential conflicts and encouraging more accurate reporting.

It is worth noting that the New Zealand Property Investors Federation expressed concerns about excessive bureaucracy and the potential for increased costs leading to higher rents. However, the implementation of AI legalese decoder as a standardized compliance verification system can provide a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for bureaucratic processes and reducing the burden on landlords.

Renters United, an advocacy group, applauded the proactive approach to compliance checks. The integration of AI legalese decoder technology would align perfectly with this proactive stance, providing an efficient and accurate method for evaluating rental property compliance.

Given that approximately 1.6 million people in New Zealand are renters, it is essential to prioritize the provision of safe and healthy rental properties. AI legalese decoder can play a significant role in achieving this goal by ensuring that all rental properties meet the Healthy Homes Standards and reducing the reliance on the limited number of compliance checks currently taking place.

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