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Engine Lease Finance BV Files Fresh Insolvency Plea Against SpiceJet

Engine Lease Finance BV, an engine lessor of troubled airline SpiceJet, has filed a fresh insolvency plea against the carrier, citing unpaid rental dues exceeding $16.72 million, including interest, for eight leased engines. The situation has escalated, leading to legal action to recover the outstanding payments.

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NCLT Hearing and Response

The Delhi bench of The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) recently heard the plea and requested responses from both parties. The hearing was adjourned to allow SpiceJet’s legal team more time to address the petition, highlighting the urgency and complexity of the dispute.

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Origin of Dispute and Payment Default

The dispute arose from a 2017 agreement between Engine Lease Finance and SpiceJet. The airline allegedly started defaulting on payments in April 2021, leading to the current financial conflict. The lessor claimed significant outstanding amounts, triggering legal actions under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

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Previous Settlement Attempts and Court Orders

Previously, Engine Lease Finance attempted to resolve the issue with SpiceJet through settlement talks and court interventions. The airline made partial payments and returned the leased engines as per court directives, indicating a history of negotiation and legal enforcement.

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SpiceJet’s Ongoing Insolvency Challenges

SpiceJet has encountered multiple insolvency pleas in the NCLT from various creditors, adding to the airline’s financial woes. The mounting legal challenges highlight the need for comprehensive debt restructuring and dispute resolution strategies.

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legal Proceedings and Pending Insolvency Pleas

Several entities have filed insolvency pleas against SpiceJet, with varying outcomes and pending resolutions. The complex legal landscape underscores the importance of proactive legal representation and strategic planning to address the multiple legal disputes effectively.

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