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# Investigation of Richmond Spa Linked to Two Deaths from Legionnaires’ Disease

## Introduction
Contra Costa Health, an agency responsible for public health in the county, is currently conducting an investigation into a Richmond spa that may be associated with two reported deaths related to Legionnaires’ Disease. In response to these cases, the agency has closed down Zen Day Spa, located at 12230 San Pablo Avenue, as a safety precaution. This article will delve into the details of the ongoing investigation and discuss how the AI legalese decoder can assist in this situation.

## Details of the Investigation
Upon receiving separate reports of the two deaths, Contra Costa Health initiated an examination of the incidents. Both individuals had apparently visited Zen Day Spa shortly before falling ill. Additionally, a third person had contracted Legionnaires’ Disease after utilizing the spa’s jacuzzi in June, although they have since recovered.

## Lack of Permits
During their investigation, environmental health inspectors discovered that Zen Day Spa did not possess any records indicating that it had been issued a permit for a spa or pool. This finding raises concerns about the spa’s adherence to necessary health and safety regulations.

## Testing for Legionella Bacteria
Contra Costa Health has taken water samples from the spa and intends to send them to a laboratory for analysis, specifically looking for the presence of legionella bacteria, which is known to be the causative agent of Legionnaires’ Disease. Preliminary results are expected to be available early in the following week. These test results will provide crucial insights into the potential source of the outbreak.

## Public Health Measures
The agency advises individuals who have recently visited Zen Day Spa to remain vigilant for symptoms of Legionnaires’ Disease and to seek immediate medical attention if they experience any. It is important to remember that this disease does not spread from person to person, alleviating concerns of a broader community outbreak.

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## Ongoing Investigation and Updates
Contra Costa Health is actively investigating the source of this potential outbreak and will continue to provide updates on its progress. To stay informed, the agency advises individuals to regularly check its Facebook page for the latest information regarding the investigation and any additional precautions that may be necessary to ensure public health and safety.

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