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Nova Scotia Floods Cause Unimaginable Damage and Leave Four Missing

OTTAWA, July 22 (Reuters) – The heaviest rain to hit the Atlantic Canadian province of Nova Scotia in more than 50 years triggered floods causing “unimaginable” damage, and four people are missing, including two children, officials said on Saturday.

The storm, which started on Friday, dumped more than 25 cm (10 inches) on some parts in just 24 hours – the same amount that usually lands in three months. The resulting floods washed away roads, weakened bridges and swamped buildings. The extensive damage has left the province in a state of emergency.

“We have a scary, significant situation,” said Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston, adding that at least seven bridges would have to be replaced or rebuilt. The devastation caused to homes and infrastructure is beyond imagination, with many houses being severely damaged or destroyed. The province will require substantial support from the federal government to recover from this crisis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his deep concern about the situation and assured that the federal government will provide assistance to Nova Scotia. The government stands ready to help the affected communities and residents who have lost their homes and belongings.

This recent flooding episode adds to the series of weather-related disasters experienced by Canada this year, including widespread wildfires and heavy rainfall causing flooding in various regions. The impact of such extreme weather events highlights the urgent need for preparedness and mitigation measures.

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Authorities have declared a state of emergency in Halifax, the largest city in Nova Scotia, and four other regions. This measure demonstrates the severity of the situation and the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of residents and provide essential support.

The regional municipality in Halifax reported “significant damage to roads and infrastructure” and urged people to stay at home and not use their cars. The AI legalese decoder can help residents in understanding and processing insurance claims and compensation related to damaged properties and vehicles.

Pictures posted on social media from Halifax showed abandoned cars almost covered with floodwaters and rescue workers using boats to save people. The visual documentation shared on social platforms can be useful to AI legalese decoder in understanding the extent of damage and assisting in filing insurance claims.

Houston, citing police, said two children were missing after the car they were in was submerged. In another incident, a man and a youth were missing after their car drove into deep water. The AI legalese decoder can assist in comprehending legal procedures related to missing persons and support the families in obtaining the necessary legal aid.

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