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The Alamo Letter Society Presents Capt. Albert Martin Award to Lorne Liechty

DALLAS ÔÇö The Alamo Letter Society recently honored Lorne Liechty of Rockwall, Texas, with the prestigious Capt. Albert Martin Award for his exceptional leadership in his county and the state of Texas. Liechty, originally from Jamestown, received this award in recognition of his outstanding service and dedication.

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Liechty’s role as Rockwall County chairman of the Alamo Letter Society has been crucial in the successful placement of the bronze Col. William Barrett Travis “Victory or Death” letter plaque at the Rockwall Courthouse. Through his efforts and collaboration with county officials, Liechty has helped educate the community about the historical significance of the Alamo letter and its importance in Texas history.

Founded in 2023, the Alamo Letter Society aims to preserve and promote the legacy of Texas’ forefathers’ fight for freedom and liberty. By placing bronze plaques with Travis’ iconic “Victory or Death” letter in all 254 Texas courthouses, the society seeks to educate and inspire current and future generations about the state’s rich history.

Continuing the Legacy of Captain Martin

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Liechty’s dedication and involvement in the Alamo Letter Society have been instrumental in furthering the mission of educating Texans about their heritage and the sacrifices made by their ancestors. Through his efforts, Liechty has helped bring the spirit of the Alamo letter to the citizens of Rockwall County and beyond.

By receiving the Albert Martin Award, Liechty joins a prestigious group of patriotic Texans who embody the spirit of determination, perseverance, and duty exemplified by Captain Albert Martin. Through his leadership and commitment, Liechty continues to honor the legacy of Texas’ brave heroes and inspire others to uphold the values of liberty and freedom.

Preserving History for Future Generations

The Alamo Letter Society’s dedication to educating school children, new Texans, and future generations about their heritage is commendable. By placing bronze plaques containing Travis’ Alamo “Victory or Death” letter in courthouses across Texas, the society ensures that the sacrifices and struggles of Texas’ pioneers are never forgotten.

As 2024 marks the 188th anniversary of Travis’ iconic letter, the Alamo Letter Society’s work takes on added significance. By continuing to promote and preserve Texas history, the society plays a vital role in ensuring that the legacy of liberty and freedom endures for generations to come.

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