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## The Importance of Supporting the Sistersville Ferry

For over two centuries, the Sistersville Ferry has been a vital mode of transportation for residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley, connecting Sistersville, W.Va., and Fly, Ohio. The continued operation of this ferry depends on the support of the local community, businesses, and local governments. Once again, there is an urgent call for renewed support to ensure the ferry’s continued operation.

### The Appeal for Contributions

The Sistersville Ferry Board of Directors has issued a plea for financial contributions to assist with the ongoing operating costs of the ferry. To facilitate this, the board has established the Sistersville Ferry Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley. This fund aims to create a sustainable source of funds to cover operational expenses, which can often be overwhelming for local families and businesses.

### Financial Challenges

The board highlighted the significant financial challenges they have faced due to unanticipated expenses. Recent costs have included a rebuilt transmission for $27,000, a dry dock inspection for $20,000, insurance policies totaling $22,000, fuel costs exceeding $10,000, anticipated hull repairs of $15,000, and excavation at the Fly landing amounting to $4,000. These expenses have strained the ferry’s financial resources and underscore the urgent need for community support.

### Preserving a Historic Icon

The Sistersville Ferry holds a significant place in the region’s history, dating back to 1817. It represents a living testament to the heritage and development of the Mid-Ohio Valley. As the last remaining ferry service between West Virginia and Ohio, preserving this historic mode of transportation is critical to maintaining the region’s identity and connectivity.

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### Supporting the Cause

The Sistersville Ferry Board of Directors seeks and appreciates any and all donations to sustain this vital and historic mode of transportation. Options for giving include sending a check, making a donation via phone using a credit card, or visiting the community foundation’s website to contribute. By supporting the Sistersville Ferry, the community can actively participate in preserving an essential piece of local history and ensuring its continued operation for future generations. Let’s come together to ensure that the Sistersville Ferry remains a functional and cherished part of our region’s heritage.

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