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## AI Legalese Decoder: Shedding Light on Online Community Misconduct

Long story even longer, I found myself entangled in an online fetish community exclusively for adults. The owner of this community had a shady past, having once allowed minors to access his explicit website and chatrooms.

To make matters worse, both of the website’s administrators had joined the platform as underage individuals (one at the age of 12 and the other at 14), and the owner not only turned a blind eye to this but actively supported their participation, eventually promoting them to admin roles. I possess concrete evidence to back up these claims.

Moreover, the owner chose to ignore the presence of other minors in the community and even tolerated instances of sexual advances towards minors as young as nine. Once again, I have substantial evidence to support these shocking allegations.

Despite attempts to erase this sordid history, remnants of incriminating evidence still remain on the live website, and an abundance of proof can be found on the wayback machine. It appears that this abhorrent behavior is an open secret within the community.

Unaware of these disturbing revelations when I first joined the community, I am now filled with regret for having contributed financially to such a reprehensible individual.

In light of these egregious actions, I am left pondering my legal recourse in this situation. Is there a viable avenue for reporting this misconduct to the authorities, and if so, would any action be taken?

If I were to raise awareness within the community about the owner’s history of grooming minors, would I be susceptible to accusations of libel? While my intentions are genuine and based on solid evidence, I am apprehensive about potential legal consequences.

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  • ziekktx

    Contact your local FBI office. They’re the agency with jurisdiction and they don’t mess around.

    Do not try to contact anyone in the community to warn them off or anything of the sort. Stay far, far away.

  • jpaxlux

    Report it to the FBI and NCMEC, then stay far, far away from that site. Don’t go back to check on it, don’t go back out of curiosity, stay away. If the feds do decide to go after that site, you don’t want any of your data associated with it.

  • ExtraLongJon

    IALNYL your legal options don’t exist. Can report to law enforcement but you have no legal rights here.

  • he_who_floats_amogus

    > What are my legal options here?

    Your primary recourse is to file a crime report to the relevant law enforcement agency. You’re always allowed to make good faith reports of suspected crimes. Ostensibly you have no damages and aren’t a victim, so reporting the suspected crime is your only real recourse.

    > Is there any way to report this to the authorities

    Yes, see here:

    If you scroll down on that page, you’ll see a relevant section with a link to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and a phone number:

    > would they do even anything?

    Possibly, but that’s not your purview. Reporting the crime is your only recourse, so your options are to do that, or not do that, and it is out of your hands once you finalize that decision.

    > If I were to try and let the community know that it is run by somebody who grooms minors, would I be liable for libel?

    That’s not advisable for a variety of reasons. It could expose you to unnecessary liabilities, even if you don’t lie. It could also critically undermine the government’s investigation and justice process. It would put everyone on alert, including the people you are accusing.

  • Orangegit

    NAL. Do not give out this website info to anyone that messages you asking for it. If this is truly something that you need to clear your conscious about, as mentioned, report to local FBI and stay away from the site, server, and anyone involved.

  • perry147

    This story seems very fishy. How do you know the ages of the admins of a website?

    If this story is indeed true contact the FBI, your local police, or Google child endangerment online protection..

    Why post this to Reddit?

  • UOF_ThrowAway

    Maybe you should contact a lawyer first before contacting the FBI?