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## Escalation of Attacks in Ukraine and Russia Impacting Grain Markets

The grain markets have been significantly impacted by the ongoing escalation of attacks in Ukraine and Russia, with limited major market-moving news domestically. Traders are closely monitoring South American weather patterns while eagerly awaiting the key US Department of Agriculture annual Prospective Plantings report on March 29.

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## Impact of Ukraine War on Grain Markets

Over the past two years, the war in Ukraine has had a varying impact on the grain markets. Initially, fears of export disruptions and global grain shortages drove prices higher. While disruptions were mainly seen in Ukraine, Russia’s wheat exports remained strong, limiting opportunities for US exports. As the war continued, market impact lessened, with occasional flare-ups catching traders’ attention.

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## Market Trends and Recent Developments

Recent market activity has seen a renewed focus on attacks between Russia and Ukraine, impacting export infrastructure and oil refineries. Corn and soybean futures hit multi-year lows due to bearish fundamentals, including weak demand and strong competition from Russia. However, recent price rebounds in corn and soybeans indicate potential market stabilization.

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## Forecasts and Outlook for Grain Markets

While US winter wheat prospects have improved, uncertainties remain for the 2024 corn and soybean crops. Expectations of lower corn planted area and higher soybean planted area reflect shifting market dynamics. The upcoming USDA winter wheat production forecast and Prospective Plantings report will provide further clarity on market trends and crop outlook.

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