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## Deciding on Housing and Transportation Options

### What to Consider

When facing a situation where you need to relocate from the east coast to a deploying west coast unit for a potentially lengthy deployment, there are several factors to consider. One of the primary concerns is whether renting a whole apartment makes financial sense, especially if you will be deployed for the majority of the lease term. Additionally, the need for a car to get around during the initial few weeks on the west coast adds another layer of complexity.

### Potential Challenges

Renting an apartment for a lease term that you will only be able to utilize for a fraction of the time may not be cost-effective. However, finding short-term housing accommodations may also present challenges. Similarly, the cost of renting a car for the short term and shipping your household goods (HHG) adds to the financial considerations.

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### Conclusion

By utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder, you can gain a better understanding of the legal implications of your housing and transportation decisions. With this information, you can make well-informed choices that align with your financial interests and logistical needs during your deployment on the west coast.

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  • Koach2016

    Find a friend/shipmate that will share their address with you. Put the address down and pay your buddy $50 a month for “rent” to use this as an address.

    Place your HHE/G into a storage unit. Usually first month is free.

    Rent a car from an agency / Turo to get around. You can buy one post deployment.

    Come back from deployment and go apt hunting then, you will have 6+ months of Bah saved up minus, whatever your storage unit costs are. Once you get a place of your own/ on a lease update your address with admin

  • wthecoyote

    Establishing a home does make sense, even with an immediate deployment – get BAH started and have somewhere to come home to after the deployment. The ideal situation might be to find someone at the new unit who is willing to sublet a spare room in their home to you – we had new sailors report to my last ship right before a deployment and that’s what they did. Even if you can’t find a sublease, renting an apartment right off the bat (provided you can get rent under BAH) still makes sense – get yourself situated for the rest of your time at the new duty station.

    For the HHG, storage in transit could be an option if you don’t rent your own whole apartment right off the bat, but SIT appears to be limited to 150 days for CONUS-CONUS PCS’s. Look into whether they’d deliver your HHG to a self-rented storage unit if you end up subleasing or can’t otherwise get an apartment set up right away.

    I would *not* buy a car – rent/lease if necessary, or get creative (work carpool, get an eBike for errands/going out, rideshare/taxis for anything else). Save up over the deployment so you are in a better position to buy a car when you get back (and don’t have to deal with storage/maintenance/depreciation while you’re away).

  • tjt169

    If you deploy you, by law are released from the contract.