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Thank you for joining us once again at Lake Tahoe, live from the American Century Championship. Today we have the pleasure of having NFL Hall of Famer, Tim Brown, with us. Tim Brown is not only a legendary football player but also the CEO of 81 Logistics, a transportation company that stands out as one of the few minority-owned businesses in the industry. It’s truly a pleasure to have you here, Tim.

I recently came across an article about you, where it mentioned that you had entrepreneurship on your mind even during your NFL career. Can you tell us more about that?

Certainly, Scott. It’s interesting because when I suffered a severe injury in 1989 and the Raiders’ doctors informed me that my playing time might be limited to three to four more years due to my knee, they recommended that I make the most of my education from Notre Dame. At first, I was taken aback. I mean, I was only 23 years old. But then it hit me that my decision to attend Notre Dame was justified. That’s when my business journey began. We started a shoe company called Pro Moves, which sold shoes in major retailers like Foot Locker. Although we faced some challenges along the way, it was an invaluable experience for us.

Incredible! So, even after that injury, you went on to play another 14 years before venturing into the business world. Could you share with us how 81 Logistics came into existence?

Certainly. It all started during a golf game with someone from the transportation industry. They brought to my attention the lack of minority-owned companies in the business, particularly in regards to fuel supply coast to coast. I was shocked to find out that, as of 2016, not a single minority-owned company could fulfill this need for major corporations. As I had just been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, I knew I had connections and resources at my disposal. Dennis Nash, who was looking for a minority partner for his transportation group, had suppliers who were also searching for minority partners. However, it wasn’t handed to us on a silver platter. We had to work diligently for a year to secure contracts with these corporations. Eventually, we got the work done, specializing in transporting fuel and supplies while also sourcing materials for Fortune 500 companies.

I remember hearing about that venture during my time there as well. So, are you now keeping tabs on fuel prices, oil prices, and gasoline costs?

Absolutely. As Tim Brown, I have no choice but to stay informed about these matters. Being involved with the transportation industry and traveling extensively, I receive daily reports and updates regarding all of those factors.

Moving onto some football-related topics, the Raiders have relocated to Las Vegas. Are you happy with this change?

While I would have liked them to stay in Oakland, it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. Every franchise needs a home, and I’m glad that Vegas stepped up to provide that. So far, things seem to be going really well there. The franchise is thriving financially, and the players are enjoying their time both on and off the field.

Indeed, they even have a new quarterback now.

That’s right. They’ve made some changes, and we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out. Some decisions are hard to understand from an outsider’s perspective, but perhaps the team knows something we don’t.

Speaking of football, the AFC Conference boasts an impressive lineup of quarterbacks, including Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, who will be participating in this championship. In your opinion, who stands out as the favorite?

When you consider what Patrick Mahomes achieved in the Super Bowl while nursing an ankle injury, it’s truly remarkable. If he’s fully healthy, it becomes a real problem for any defense. He has the ability to improvise and counter any defensive strategy thrown at him. To beat a team led by Mahomes, you have to focus on outscoring them, as one stop isn’t enough. Your offense needs to be firing on all cylinders, putting up at least 30 points to have a chance against that team.

The game has undergone numerous changes, particularly favoring offenses with rules designed to protect quarterbacks and allow receivers more opportunities. What are your thoughts on the current style of football?

Well, let me tell you something. I had a former coach once say to me that if we were playing in today’s game, we would have caught about 200 passes a year. The game has evolved, especially within the first five yards of a receiver’s route. In the past, it was extremely physical, and the defense’s goal was to stop you within that limited space. However, the rules have changed, and now receivers have more freedom to run up the line of scrimmage. It’s a different game, no doubt about it.

Thank you, Tim, for sharing your insights and experiences. It’s been a pleasure catching up with you today.

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for having me, Scott.

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