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## Latest Happenings Around NASA

### Introduction
The following content highlights the latest happenings around NASA, including the Starling Mission, TROPICS CubeSat Mission, NASA’s Small Business Procurement Scorecard, and the potential discovery of rogue planets.

### Starling Mission Sends Swarm of Satellites into Orbit
Recently, NASA’s Starling Mission successfully launched a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from New Zealand. The rocket carried four small satellites to low-Earth orbit. These tiny spacecraft, about the size of cereal boxes, form a swarm and aim to test their ability to maneuver, communicate, and make decisions independently, without real-time updates from ground controllers. This mission has the potential to advance self-coordinating robotic swarms for future scientific and exploration missions to celestial bodies like the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

### TROPICS CubeSat Mission Captures First Views of Hurricanes
The TROPICS CubeSat Mission, dedicated to storm observation, has captured its first views of hurricanes. This constellation of four identical small satellites provides frequent observations of tropical cyclones, approximately once an hour. The enhanced data collected by TROPICS has the potential to significantly improve storm forecasting and preparedness, enabling forecasters and officials to better understand and anticipate rapidly evolving storms.

### NASA Maintains “A” for Investing in Small Businesses
NASA’s commitment to supporting small businesses has been recognized by the Small Business Administration (SBA). During a recent event at NASA headquarters, the SBA announced that NASA earned an “A” on the Fiscal Year 2022 Small Business Federal Procurement Scorecard. This scorecard evaluates federal agencies’ success in meeting their small business goals. With a direct investment of $3.6 billion in over 1,700 small businesses across the country, NASA has played a vital role in creating job opportunities and economic growth in all 50 states.

### Roman Space Telescope’s Potential in Discovering Rogue Planets
Fascinating research conducted jointly by NASA and Osaka University in Japan unveils the prevalence of rogue planets in space. These planets drift freely without being tethered to any star. The research suggests that rogue planets significantly outnumber planets orbiting stars. To further explore this phenomenon, NASA’s upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is anticipated to identify approximately 400 rogue planets, similar in mass to Earth, after its launch in 2027. This discovery could provide valuable insights into the nature of these enigmatic celestial bodies.

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