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Rep. George Santos (R-NY) Tries to Broker Cryptocurrency Transaction with Political Donor During Congressional Campaign: New York Times Report

In a previously unreported incident, Rep. George Santos (R-NY) attempted to facilitate a complex cryptocurrency investment scheme with a political donor while running for Congress in 2020, according to a report by the New York Times. The situation involved Santos teaming up with Republican supporters to pitch the investment scheme to a donor who was reportedly a wealthy investor. The scheme revolved around a claim that a wealthy Polish citizen wanted to buy crypto, but their funds were frozen in a bank account. Santos and his associates asked the donor to create a limited liability company that would supposedly gain access to the frozen money. However, the skeptical donor saw the plan as nonsensical and likened it to a “Nigerian prince” email scam. Suspicions arose that Santos and his colleagues might even be targets of such a scam. When the donor requested more information, he was told to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Talks eventually ceased when the investor sought changes to the agreement.

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Ethical Concerns Surrounding Santos’ Intermingling of Political Relationships and Business Opportunities

The incident involving the Polish crypto deal sheds light on how Rep. Santos intertwined his political relationships with business opportunities in a manner that raises ethical concerns. The New York Times reviewed Santos’ early political career and found a pattern of behavior in which he blurred ethical lines to benefit himself by leveraging connections to wealthy political supporters. In July 2020, Santos became involved with Blue Flame Medical, a company selling coronavirus testing kits, as a consultant who could earn a percentage from any deals he orchestrated. However, Santos later separated from Blue Flame without arranging any sales, and the company failed to fulfill its contracts. Moreover, Santos went on to leave his investment firm amid fraud claims and launched a political consulting company with his campaign treasurer and former colleagues. The consulting firm, Red Strategies, dissolved after irregularities were discovered in its campaign accounting. Additionally, Santos’ campaign filings raised questions regarding fees paid to a donation platform. These instances exemplify Santos’ tendency to treat his political supporters more like business contacts and capitalize on his connections for personal gain.

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Santos’ False Claims and Allegations of Unethical Conduct Continue

During his 2022 campaign, Rep. Santos made false claims about his professional background, including working for top Wall Street firms and amassing significant wealth through cryptocurrency trading at a young age. However, records indicate that Santos faced financial constraints before entering politics. Prosecutors now allege that Santos secured over $500,000 in loans from supporters that he could not repay. Despite the failed Polish crypto deal, Santos continued to pursue get-rich-quick schemes related to digital currencies. His brazen attempts to enrich himself have persisted even after taking federal office. Santos is currently facing charges of 13 felonies, including misrepresenting his earnings, collecting unemployment benefits while having other income, and diverting funds from political supporters into his personal accounts. He has pleaded not guilty.

The House Ethics Committee is conducting an investigation into potential violations of finance rules, disclosure requirements, and other standards of conduct by Santos. The newly revealed Polish crypto deal adds to the growing pattern of ethical impropriety surrounding Santos’ actions.

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