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Multiple Deaths and Injuries Reported After Russian Missile Strikes in Southern Ukrainian City

According to Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry, at least four people have died and 43 individuals have been injured as a result of Russian missiles hitting the southern city of Kryvyi Rih. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Telegram that emergency services are currently present at the scene and are doing their utmost to save as many lives as possible in his hometown.

Escalation of Attacks and Accusations Between Russia and Ukraine

The recent missile strikes came after President Zelensky’s statement on Sunday, in which he claimed that attacks inside Russia are “inevitable.” The Kremlin officials responded by accusing Kyiv of orchestrating drone strikes in Moscow and Russian-annexed Crimea. However, Ukrainian authorities have not yet confirmed any involvement in these attacks on their part.

Global Impact of the Ongoing Conflict

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to have significant ripple effects worldwide. The situation remains volatile, with the potential for further escalations and repercussions that extend beyond the two countries’ borders.

Ukrainian Fencer Olga Kharlan Reinstated Following Handshake Refusal

After Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan refused to shake hands with Russian opponent Anna Smirnova during the World Championships, she was initially disqualified. However, the International Fencing Federation has since reinstated Kharlan, allowing her to participate in the team competition that began on Saturday. This decision follows the International Olympic Committee’s recent announcement, which paved the way for Kharlan’s potential participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Kharlan, a former world champion, won her individual saber bout against Smirnova in Milan. However, she declined to shake hands and instead offered to touch sabers, violating the mandatory handshake protocol in fencing and resulting in a “black card” disqualification. Top Ukrainian sports officials expressed their outrage over the disqualification.

Serhiy Morgunov contributed to this report.

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