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## Employee Stock Program Plan Details

I am currently a part of a company that offers an Employee Stock Program Plan, allowing me to purchase company stock at a 15% discount with a 90-day look-back period. Upon reading the fine print, I discovered that the company provides specific dates for when the stock can be purchased at a discounted rate.

## Legality of Buying Call Options with Insider Information

Given the privileged information regarding the company’s stock purchase dates, I am unsure about the legality of purchasing call options based on this information. It seems ethically questionable to possess such knowledge.

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## Public Disclosure of Stock Purchase Dates

While I am unable to disclose the specific company or dates due to confidentiality agreements, I am curious to know if such information is typically made public for other companies. This raises questions about the transparency and accessibility of information related to stock purchase dates in the corporate world.

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  • Repulsive-Plankton21

    Most large companies are not buying ESPP shares off the open market. Large corporations generally have pools of stock they have set aside they use for the purpose of ESPP. This is called the “Option Pool”

    Hence the ESPP date won’t necessarily mean the stock price going up on the ESPP date.

  • Impressive-Health670

    The dates for ESPP plans are pretty easy to figure out, they are right around earning. I’m sure analysts have them for all the companies they cover.

    Some companies also have blanket policies that you can’t short the stock as an employee, honestly though if you’re not an insider I don’t know that they’d be able to enforce that.

  • Clear-Ad9879

    You could buy call the day before ESP is calculated, but you may be chasing a ghost. Depending on how the company sets up its ESP, the ESP transaction may generated zero, ZERO, net buying in the open market. Some company’s ESP transactions are set to buy newly issued shares directly from the company. Thus the trade absorbs zero shares in the open market. It depends entirely on how the ESP is setup.

    Even in the case where the ESP does buy shares in the open market, the dealers active in your firm’s name will have knowledge of the forthcoming activity and the average amount of shares previously transacted. Again, there may be little to no market moving impact. Thus the strategy of going long the name prior to the ESP trades hitting the market becomes simply a long market exposure, unaffected by any advantage from knowing market moving information. If the ESP trades do tend to have a market moving power, that should be readily seen in historical price action, which is what you should examine prior to implementing your strategy.

  • Formal-Syllabub9124

    Is that info public knowledge, if not then it would be insider trader. You could let all of us know and you can feel better knowing it’s almost public knowledge while helping us out lol