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Ron Cephas Jones, a beloved actor known for his roles in New York theater and television shows including “This Is Us,” has passed away at the age of 66. The news was shared by Dan Fogelman, the writer and creator of “This Is Us,” on his social media platform. According to Mr. Jones’s manager, he died from a longstanding pulmonary issue, but the specifics of his passing were not disclosed.

Mr. Jones had previously undergone a double-lung transplant in 2020 due to his battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Despite his health challenges, he was admired for his ability to portray characters who reflected his own experiences of personal desperation, showcasing a unique combination of toughness and emotional vulnerability.

In his role as William “Shakespeare” Hill on “This Is Us,” Mr. Jones touched audiences with his poignant speeches and portrayal of a former drug addict with terminal cancer. His performance was praised for its soulful depth and authenticity. He received multiple Emmy nominations and awards for his work on the show.

Mr. Jones’s talent extended to the theater as well. His most recent notable role was in the Broadway production of “Clyde’s,” where he played Montrellous, a passionate elder working at a truck stop alongside a crew of ex-convicts. His performance was described as the show’s center of gravity, blending Zen imperturbability with hints of pain and sacrifice. He received accolades, including a Tony Award nomination, for his work in the production.

One of Mr. Jones’s memorable achievements was his portrayal of Richard III in a production by the Public Theater that was performed not only in theaters but also in prisons and homeless shelters. His hungry and sinister depiction of the character captivated audiences and showcased his versatility as an actor.

Ron Cephas Jones’s journey to success in the entertainment industry was not without its struggles. He battled a heroin addiction in his youth, which hindered his ambitions. However, he eventually found recovery and went on to star in numerous plays and television shows. He leaves behind a legacy that includes his daughter, Jasmine Cephas Jones, who is also a talented actress.

Despite his success, Mr. Jones faced health challenges and was a lifelong smoker, even after being diagnosed with emphysema. He admitted to being in denial about his condition, but his passion for performing outweighed his fear of change.

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