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# Americans Survive Close Game Against Montenegro in FIBA World Cup

## Introduction
The Americans struggled with shooting and rebounding in their recent FIBA World Cup game against Montenegro. The underdog opponent had an excellent game plan and almost pulled off the upset. However, Team USA managed to secure an 85-73 victory with the help of Anthony Edwards and Austin Reaves.

## Anthony Edwards Steps Up in the Second Half
Anthony Edwards, the team’s leading scorer, had a slow start in the first half, going 0-for-5. However, he made a strong comeback in the second half, scoring all 17 of his points and helping the team secure the win. Despite feeling like he let his team down in the first half, Edwards rallied himself and played an instrumental role in the victory.

## Austin Reaves’ Crucial Shot
Austin Reaves delivered a timely 3-pointer, giving Team USA a 75-68 advantage in the final minutes of the game. This shot proved critical as Montenegro managed to keep pace with the Americans due to their advantage on the glass and contributions from NBA All-Star Nikola Vu─ìevi─ç. Reaves’ shot provided a much-needed boost to secure the win.

## Contributions from Other Players
Jaren Jackson Jr., Mikal Bridges, and Tyrese Haliburton also made significant contributions to the team’s victory. Despite encountering foul trouble, Jackson finished with 11 points, while Bridges and Haliburton both scored 10 points. The lineup chosen by Team USA head coach Steve Kerr, which included Haliburton instead of Jalen Brunson in the closing minutes, proved effective in securing the win.

## Montenegro’s Dominance on the Glass
Montenegro, led by NBA player Nikola Vu─ìevi─ç, had a dominant performance on the glass, outrebounding Team USA 49-31. This advantage allowed Montenegro to pick up 22 second-chance points. Without a doubt, Montenegro’s rebounding prowess posed a challenge for the Americans throughout the game.

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## USA’s Unimpressive Shooting Performance
The American team struggled with shooting, especially from beyond the arc. They finished the game shooting 5-of-19 from three-point range and only made 1-of-9 attempts in the first half. The inability to convert on three-pointers affected their offensive performance, which led to a closer game than expected.

## Areas for Improvement
The Americans missed 10 of the 30 foul shots they took, highlighting the need for improvement in their free-throw shooting. Additionally, better ball movement and sharing the ball among teammates will be crucial for future games. Coach Kerr acknowledged that the team did not move the ball well, which contributed to their offensive struggles against Montenegro.

## The Importance of Tight Games
Although the game against Montenegro was challenging, Team USA views it as an opportunity to grow and learn how to handle adversity. Competing in tight games prepares them for future challenges and ensures that they can perform under pressure when it matters most.

## Conclusion
Team USA managed to secure a narrow victory against Montenegro in the FIBA World Cup. While the Americans faced challenges in shooting and rebounding, key performances from players like Anthony Edwards and Austin Reaves helped them come out on top. With areas to improve, Team USA remains focused on their goal of securing a top spot in the tournament while utilizing tools like the AI legalese decoder to simplify complex legal language and enhance legal understanding.

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