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China Minsheng Bank Collaborates with to Launch Digital CNY-Powered Payment Service

A sign that reads 'China Minsheng Bank' on the side of a building in Beijing, the capital of China.
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China Minsheng Bank has taken a significant step towards embracing the digital yuan by partnering with, a major e-commerce giant with a keen interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Through this collaboration, customers of Minsheng Bank in the CBDC pilot zone can now link their bank-issued digital wallets to their JD accounts and make digital yuan payments on the platform., often referred to as the Chinese version of Amazon, has been one of the primary partners of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) since the early stages of the CBDC pilot.

To encourage the adoption of digital yuan, Minsheng Bank has introduced an incentive program. Customers who link their digital wallets with their JD accounts will receive a one-time discount coupon worth over $4 for purchases made using digital yuan tokens. Additionally, if customers share information about the promotional event on social media platforms, they stand a chance to receive an e-CNY coupon worth 88 yuan (approximately $12.30). In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered lucky, hence the special significance of this value.

The collaboration between Minsheng Bank and is indicative of the growing interest of major Chinese banks in participating in the digital yuan pilot. While most of the banks involved in the pilot have been state-owned entities, such as the Bank of China and the Postal Savings Bank of China, Minsheng Bank stands out as it is predominantly privately owned. Since its establishment in 1996, Minsheng Bank has focused on providing loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises, contributing to the growth of the private sector in China.

Minsheng Bank has already made strides in the digital yuan field. It previously launched a digital yuan “salary service,” allowing firms to directly transfer funds to corporate accounts or pay employees using the digital currency. The bank has also introduced a “one-click wallet check” feature, enabling customers to view and manage multiple conventional accounts and digital yuan wallets. Going forward, the bank plans to develop additional applications for the digital yuan.

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In early July, the Chinese subsidiary of Singaporean bank DBS announced its intention to launch e-CNY solutions, further demonstrating the growing interest in digital yuan among financial institutions. Additionally, leading Chinese telecom providers have expressed their willingness to expand digital yuan-related services following the introduction of SIM card-compatible offline wallets by the PBoC.

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